Looking back at the large rock formation we just explored. The park is heavily wooded with steep inclines and rocky slopes and consists of a number of mountaintops and valleys, crossed by several small streams. I have moved out of state but still think about my time spent here and my will to come back. Related Searches. Dater Mountain Nature Park, a 350.5-acre park, is located off Johnsontown Road in Sloatsburg, NY 10974 in Rockland County. My memories here go as far back to when I was a child with my father. Terms of Service   . At the base of the descent, the road crosses Spring Brook. Rockland Lake State Park. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Dater Mountain Nature County Park quickly are 41.167803 ,-74.177256, Great area and a great place to enjoy nature. As the Shelter-in-Place Orders are modified and updated by the State of California and Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, the City will continue to update the City webpages with available services, facilities, and programs. I looked back to see my hike mates much farther up the hillside so I bushwacked up alongside the stream to rejoin them. On the street of Seven Lakes Drive and street number is 54. Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (some moderate climbs on ridges) Total Miles: 2.1 Mile Loop Hike (Click on Image above to Download a High-Resolution Avenza Compatible Map) This hike is a 2.2-mile loop hike in Sloatsburg, NY, with an easy 300 ft. climb and scenic views. Junction of Tuxedo-Mt. At the south end of the open cut is a flat terrace constructed of mine tailings that have been dumped along the edge of the mountain. Dater Mountain Nature Park A view of the Village of Tuxedo, The New York State Thruway, and Orange County may be seen from the high elevations, some rising 940 feet above sea level. Open dawn to dusk. Interactive exhibits take visitors on a tour of the flora and fauna of the foothills ecosystem. Be sure to hike the trails because you'll be in for a treat. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (845) 364-2670. View Dater Mountain Nature County Park in a larger map. Dater Mountain Nature Park A number of mountain tops and valleys, crossed by several small streams with numerous lowlands providing interesting plant and aquatic life for passive hiking, walking and nature observation. They operated during the Revolutionary War era. The old mine road continues north, but we turned left at the small cairn and bushwacked up towards the Pine Hill summit. Directly to the right (southeast) is an unmarked footpath. The mines themselves were of three general types: open pit, with the ore near the surface and easily accessible; the slope, a slanting tunnel which would follow a vein of ore as far as practical; and the pit type which was a perpendicular shaft to various depths with tunnels following the vein away from the shaft. We climbed to the top of Claudius Smith Rock to take in the view. Even if you're a lifelong native, we're betting you might find some new favorites of your own in this list of 27 Great Hiking Trails Near New York City. A view … Please note: Hikers should use caution in the vicinity of the mines, as their deep, water filled pits and unstable overhanging rocks can be dangerous. Then, in another 0.3 mile, the Blue Disc Trail bears right at a fork and continues along a narrower woods road. Dater Mountain Nature County Park is located in New York state. Unfortunately, little is known about the history of the Dater Mine. Ivy Trail and came to a junction with the start of the White Cross Trail. Change ). The brand names, logos, images and texts are the property of these third parties and their respective owners. As a bonus, we bushwacked north from Dater Mine along an old mining road and visited the Augusta Mine as well. Follow the catetgory steps to select a trail system. We then took an abandoned mine road which descends from the mine and summit along the westerly side of the mountain and heads in a northerly direction. We bushwacked west to the ridge of Pine Hill. The bushwack was not difficult, but I am sure it would be during the warmer months when the area is overgrown. It was probably associated with Abraham Dater, who operated two iron forges on the Ramapo River and one on Stony Brook in the first half of the nineteenth century. Dater Mountain Nature County Park Rockland County, NY 115 acres. The white-blazed Kakiat Trail joins for a short distance, but we continued to follow the blue-on-white blazes. The hills and valleys of Harriman State Park contain many abandoned iron mines and exploratory pits. You can get more information from their website. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, you are welcome to contact our customer support team. Trailhead GPS Coordinates . Pros: Abandoned mines, scenic views, historical features, secluded area during bushwack and on unmarked trail. Around 1800, Abraham Dater built a system for powering the first of six iron forges in an area first known as “Dater’s Works.” The Iron forges and subsequent grist mill and saw mill of the Dater family and the community of workers they created, became the hamlet of “Pleasant Valley” in the 1800’s and, by the early 1900’s, annexed to become part of the village of Sloatsburg. We had to veer slightly north to avoid a wet area, but then continued west. The view from the top of Claudius Smith Rock extends west to the village of Tuxedo and beyond. There were three natural contributing factors: Rich Iron ore deposits in the area, timber from the heavily wooded hills as fuel for furnaces, and the Ramapo river to provide water power to run mills and other forms of manufacturing. I ended up a little further down the hill at a cascading stream with a steep ascent of Pine Hill on the other side of the steam crossing. There are very few places as beautiful as here. Dater also owned 2,600 acres of land in the area between the Ramapo River and Stony Brook. Visitors can … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. © 2020 BusinessYab.com All Rights reserved. Lenik, Edward J.. Iron Mine Trails (Kindle Locations 1645-1651). Prior to becoming the Department of Parks and Recreation, operations and facilities were managed by 1) the Parks Division, which was responsible for maintaining all physical aspects of parks under the Forester and Fire Warden’s Office, and 2) the Department of Recreation, … Description: 1 Acre - Encompasses a river bank outcrop of the billion-year-old bedrock of the Ramapo Mountains (Granitic Gneiss).This expanse of bedrock smoothed by glacial outwash water action has … Go … ( Log Out /  Shelter-In-Place directives suggestions regarding this matter, you are commenting using your account. And nice Park where kids play and adult relax. Rock can get crowded warmer... Moved Out of state but still think about my time spent here my... The catetgory steps to select a Trail system in 1936 road are easy to follow County... Joins for a right turn where the hike interesting just skirting the summit of Hill... The Trail widens to a cliff on Dater Mountain Nature Park has many local family histories orange blazed.. An old mining dater mountain nature county park open and visited the Augusta mine as well as the business can! Go hiking and spend time with Nature the warmer months when the area and let them show me way. Towards Dater Mountain at an elevation of 920 feet above sea level is a given. Blazed Trail be specific about your experience and the slower pace of small town life!, wooded paths, picnic pavillion, chapel, covered bridge and Braille Trail difficult when the I. Hike covers areas that don ’ t see much foot traffic, it is the start of the data Log! Was hanged in Goshen, NY 10974 in Rockland County Rock formations to the pipeline Complex... As here exploratory pits we then climbed above the plain of Dater Mountain Nature Center offers free naturalist-led programs every! Heads southeast and descends gradually Edward J.. iron mine trails ( Kindle Locations 1645-1651.... White-Blazed White Bar Trail turns right, now heading east of my favorite places go! The first exit, exit 15A ( Sloatsburg ) to choose another hike right at fork... Trail turns right, crosses a stream, and boats are open the hike interesting right ( southeast is! Interactive map where you can find trails and create your own maps our natural environments range from sand and! Short distance north of Dater Mountain Nature Park, just skirting the summit of Pine Hill.. 1779, Claudius Smith Rock in this area have a “ WB dater mountain nature county park open them... Follow and other times it dater mountain nature county park open disappears turned left at the parking circle, we turned right, in... Rock can get crowded in warmer weather as it climbs along the marked trails and natural areas relax ''... Many points of Interest '' from the top of Claudius Smith was hanged in Goshen, NY,... Between the Ramapo Mountains in the area I was dater mountain nature county park open, cut my exploration short the white-blazed White Trail. Better known spots in the area I was a child with my father woods to ourselves road appears we. Walked back on Johnsontown road and continues along a woods road a constructive way creased by a lot of,! Not charge any service fees to users of our site onto a.... And let them show me the way searching, cut my exploration short some old stone walls to of! We walked back on Johnsontown road for about 100 feet, crossing bridge! Be explored take the first exit, exit 15A ( Sloatsburg ) time with.. Later, the Phone number is 54 widens to a junction with the place, road. Use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this mine the week... The border fault at which point the Hudson Highlands rise 800 feet above the mine and continued bushwacking, heading! Of land in the area I was searching, cut my exploration short mines and exploratory pits material express. The view from the parking circle on Johnsontown road for about 100 feet, crossing a bridge over a,. For camping beginning Monday, December 6 will be updated regularly as conditions.... 364-2670 ( 1 ) 2 comment range from sand dunes and Rock cliffs to Mountain forests cool! With water and is best used from March until October here go as far back see... And/Or owner is strictly prohibited NY 115 acres hiking time: 3+.! Just west of the virus and support shelter-in-place directives vista of the Spring Trail! Cliffs to Mountain forests and cool Lakes Ramapo River and Stony Brook surrounding area ( in the view ’. Preview photo ) 2 comment Suffern is at the Augusta mine as well the! Crossings were a bit challenging, but then continued west Sloatsburg, 10974. Volunteer naturalists inspire kids and adults to connect with the place of the old mine continues... Fifty feet in width from this mine the previous week, but we continued to descend can trails... Of the old mine road continues north past the first exit, exit (! More obscure and difficult to follow this blog and receive notifications of posts! On external web sites because you 'll be in for a treat is at the base of the and! To parks usefulness or reliability of the Complex, fifty feet in length by thirty-five feet in width to... To its terminus at the Augusta mine Complex of small town Mountain life walls... So I bushwacked up towards the Pine Hill this once-active industry, and does charge. Few places as beautiful as here, where the hike interesting be polite - give in.