High Times has argued that Godfather OG is the strongest marijuana strain anywhere today. This strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup for best indica strain in the past, and when you smoke the bud, it will hit you with an incredible cerebral high that soon results in a whole-body euphoria. Ghost Train Haze may be the most popular Sativa-dominant hybrid out there. This whopper of a strain is popular in the medical community for its soothing high and pain relief properties. It was even noticeable when the average THC content of weed in 2003 was 6.4%, compared to just 0.72% in 1976. What were some of your favorites? THC levels consistently clock in around 27% - 29% and provide users with a sedative high that is pure bliss. Where's Weed strives to abide by all state laws and regulations in regards to access to cannabis. If you are seeking a serious high, all of the above is fantastic news. Super Silver Haze is a popular sativa strain with strong THC levels hovering at around 20%. We reviewed thousands of weed strains available on the market as of November 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the most potent and strongest weed strain for your personal enjoyment and therapeutic pursuits. The Effects & Benefits of this Flavorful Terpene. One of the main reasons for this extra potency is the focus on producing sinsemilla, which is the tops of unfertilized female plants (these happen to contain the highest amount of THC). Which one would they prefer to sell? The result is a strain that the company claims clocks in with an average THC content over 27%. All Rights Reserved. As mentioned above, marijuana has a wide-array of medical uses, however, some strains work better in certain conditions compared to others The highest THC strains have a better price point for growers and retailers. This indica dominant hybrid is reported to have a THC content of over 34% The taste is accompanied by an amazingly sweet and fruity scent, as well as a delicious banana exhale. This is yet another case of “selectively breeding” to yield an exceptionally powerful marijuana strain. Sold in pack sizes of five, ten, and twenty seeds, this indica variety is created as the result of OG Kush and Strawberry Cough strain genetics. Avidekel, a medical marijuana strain developed in Israel, has a very low content of THC but a high content of CBD, limiting its recreational value but maximizing medical effect. With strains containing high THC levels are all the rage at dispensaries across the country, growers are working hard to keep up with the demand. If you are looking for some of the highest THC strains on the market. We're happy to present an updated list of some of the most potent varieties of the bunch. A typical strain of medical cannabis may contain 15-20% THC while having only 1% CBD or less. For this reason, make sure you’re safely wrapped up in bed. Cultivated by Next Harvest in Denver CO, it is one of the most mysterious marijuana strains. Growers find new and improved ways to boost marijuana potency frequently. One of the world’s strongest strains, this herb’s THC levels are somewhere in the region of 33 percent. And then of course there are those with an interest in … In 2017, the most popular strains of cannabis being purchased legally in Colorado averaged between 17% and 28% THC content. God's Gift is a 90% Indica dominated strain with a … A regular on the list of strongest strains of weed, Ghost Train Haze gives users an energetic, cerebral high with added vigor and a buzz of creativity. Some medical marijuana patients need high THC/CBD levels for relief of certain types of pain, symptoms of multiple sclerosis, nausea, insomnia, etc. A cross between XXX OG x Alpha OG, Grandfather OG reeks of pungent pine with a hint of grape. In fact, this strain is used to create Sour Diesel — another one of the world’s most popular (and potent) marijuana strains. THC levels can be astronomical; if this isn't the highest THC strain it is certainly in elite company with levels around 35% not uncommon. So why is the market dictating that the strongest weed is also the most popular? Certainly, if you measure potency by THC content, marijuana is unquestionably becoming more potent. Gone are the days when weak Mexican brick weed dominated the bowls and joints of U.S. consumers. If you love cannabis it's a safe bet you're always on the hunt to find the best weed strain. These are the top 5 strongest indica strains out there: Northern Lights is such a prolific indica strain that no top indica list should be without it. Within minutes, you should feel euphoric, and your mind should become filled with great ideas because this strain is fantastic for creativity. The Hulk is another Sativa-dominant plant that is widely loved for its uplifting effects and fruity flavor. Naturally, you can expect this list to change regularly year-by-year. Cannabis consumers in search of medical relief flock to this intense yet balanced hybrid created in Canada by combining Girls Scout Cookies and Emperor OG. That content is most commonly determined by sending a sample to an accredited third-party lab that uses high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Banana Kush is also one of the strongest indica strains out there; it will guarantee give you a very body high that will stay with you for quite a while. Don’t let the “tropical” name of Strawberry Banana fool you; with max THC levels pushing 32%, it is an expert-only bud that packs a serious punch. It then becomes more difficult to grow those types of strains which means it is not as profitable to produce strains with less THC. Users tend to feel calm and happy, with the euphoric effects oozing over both mind and body. The strongest Indica strains have powerful effects on anorexia, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and other sleep disorders, muscle spasms, and more. Discover a world filled with bone-crushing indicas and psychedelic sativas and find high THC seeds for sale. Similar to the rise in popularity of high alcohol beers, strong red wines or insanely oaked chardonnay, consumers tend to think that the item with the most of something will be the best. Today, a significant number of strains have well over 20% THC. You will find that this bud offers the taste of fresh herbs and pine, and while it doesn’t taste quite like the Sweet Cream strain, it is nonetheless a pleasant experience. The question is: What are the world’s strongest marijuana strains? What's the strongest weed, you ask? However, rumor has it that Chemdawg is a cross of a Thai and Nepalese sativa. THC, however, is not the ultimate indicator of strength. In all honesty, however, the average THC level of this strain is probably closer to 26-28%. Examples are The Toad, sold by Tyson Ranch and tested at 37% THC, and Brownie Scout, developed by an Illinois cultivator and tested at 37.5%. Ultimately, you will feel a relaxing body buzz that turns into a feeling of sedation. With a a THC content of over 34%, this indica-dominant … Rather, there’s something about MK Ultra that promotes a super heavy body numbness and a spacey, euphoric bliss. Once a grower selects a strain with a high THC content, they can then breed it with a different strain that also harbors high THC dependability. More accurately, they have been “selectively bred” over multiple generations of numerous breeders to contain only the female genetics which produce buds with the highest THC content. [5] Sativa is known for being a more of a 'head high', energizing strain where psychoactivity is more common, whereas indica , is known for being more of a 'body high' that helps pain and is also used as a sedative. Like most other industries over the last 50 years, the cannabis trade has changed and evolved dramatically to adapt to technological advances, consumer tastes and market forces. It covers THC levels, terpenes, flavour profiles and more. The strain offers a pure Indica experience with its landrace heritage. Sometimes the strongest pot in the world is not the best pot, but these strains are definitely some of the best weed in the world. Eventually, your body starts to feel the effects and you’ll begin to feel sedated and ready to hit the sack for a deep, naturally healthy night’s sleep. What is worth noting is that this sweet strain has a ratio of 60:40 of Indica to Sativa strain which ensures an adventure of relaxing high with a euphoric feeling. Samples can also vary in THC level based on physical aspects like the location where the sample was procured, soil pH levels, weather, etc. With a THC strength of up to 28%, this medical strain is undoubtedly one of the strongest there is. Oh, and one last thing! A pure indica, Northern Lights is known the world over and has taken the cannabis community by storm since its development in the 80’s. The nugs have a powerful relaxing effect that is ideal for calming down a mind that tends to race. For a much larger list of cannabis strains, check out our strain guide! It is a mainstay on the High Times ‘Strongest Strains on Earth’ list, selected three years in a row. A cross between XXX OG x Alpha OG, Grandfather OG reeks of pungent pine with a hint of grape. Enter your phone number below to receive a link to the app store! This hybrid strain also has high THC levels, reaching 24% at times. They can vary across sources, and new ones are popping up … Moreover, it is also a strain conducive to creativity and has been a preferred favorite among artistic types for many, many years in California and the West Coast in general. When you smoke Chemdawg, it will provide you with a wonderful cerebral high that is incredibly enjoyable —  that is, once you know how to handle it! According to High Times, Godfather OG is the most potent marijuana strain on the planet. In the modern era, harvesters remove the trimmings and get rid of water leaves, which contain little to no THC. Plus these strains can lead to a memorable and enjoyable experience for many years to come. Those looking to grow the strongest weed strain possible need to know the genetics of their plants. The highest THC levels go up to 28% which makes this strain one of the strongest for users of medical marijuana. This top marijuana strain finished first in the Indica category at the 2013 Cannabis Cup in California and in 2016 it broke the previous Cannabis Cup record of 32.13 percent THC with the test revealing a staggering 34.04% THC content. The Top 5 Strongest Cannabis Strains — 2020 Update While we've had access to plenty of strong cannabis strains for quite some time, there are new advances in the field every day. Godfather OG is cultivated by California Herbal Remedies (CHR) and is believed to be a cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. And furthermore, if you are stressed at work and need something to help you chill out, research shows that strains like Chemdawg are perfect because of their uplifting effects. Users have reported that it offers pain relief and deep sedation. The Legal Situation of Cannabis in Montenegro What Does Organic CBD Archive Seed Bank is the distributor of White Tahoe Cookies. It tastes delicious. What are the 10 strongest strains on earth right now? Want to learn more about the Chemdawg Strain? This top marijuana It is an indica and a crossbreed of Real McCoy and Cookies and Cream. The strongest types of weed can sell for much more than those with only slightly lower THC levels. Like other high-THC strains, it is great for battling appetite loss and depression. Mighty Irish Seeds developed Irish Cream. Although it is difficult to be certain, most researchers agree that in the 1970s the average THC content in the vast majority of marijuana consumed in the United States was around 1 - 3%. According to High Times, Godfather OG is the most potent marijuana strain on the planet. The result of this crossbreeding will be a hybrid that exhibits the traits from its two mother plants (look, taste, smell) but also an increased percentage of THC content. To put that number into perspective, it’s 10 percent higher than most strains we’re used to. It is often used for medical purposes, specifically for treating chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Like White Widow, Super Silver Haze produces a plethora of sticky trichomes that give it a distinctive silvery appearance — and provide plenty of fodder for its name. We’ve also explained how it can help you! These strains lead the way today in terms of a kick-ass high. 2] BANANA KUSH BEST INDICA STRAIN FROM ILGM SEED BANK This is one of the best indica strains out there, and it was created in California by mixing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. This is the kind of strain you select will rely on the effect that you want to experience. It’s long been held Chiquita Banana is ideal for those doing analytical and work-related tasks. In fact, these numbers make it one of the strongest outdoor autoflower cannabis strains. Realistically, how long will it be before a strain appears that produces buds with 40% THC? In this article we'll explore the advancements that have been made in the industry and some of our favorite high-power strains. Looking for a weed that's totally tropical? In terms of effects, it may shock you how quickly White Tahoe Cookies starts to hit the senses. 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Cannabis connoisseurs exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are fewer low-THC seeds available because those strains are not as popular. These top marijuana strains are strong, but they also have plenty of terpenes that make them smell great, taste delicious and provide a well-rounded cannabis experience. The high sometimes lasts for hours. Even a typical strain should have a THC of over 25%. Ones that will blow your mind, then you MUST check out these 5 High THC Strains. It's an intensely potent indica which provides numerous medical benefits. The Strongest Cannabis Strain: It Depends Even if you do opt for a high-THC strain, that doesn’t mean that it will get you “too high.” In addition to the factors within cannabis that can affect how you experience a particular strain, what you eat, when you use cannabis, how much you take, and the consumption method you choose will all impact how a strain makes you feel. Strawberry Banana begins with a cerebral head high, and ensures you feel relaxed and focused throughout the entirety of the experience. Copyright 2012-2020 Where's Weed. 2. This indica dominant hybrid (70%) is a cross of Crocket’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum, and was developed by those crazy creative geniuses at Serious Seeds. It is recognized as one of the most important medical cannabis strains on the market. 1 – Godfather OG (The World’s Strongest Marijuana Strain?) Have you tried any other super-potent strains? Irish Cream is an extremely potent strain which means it could help with the relief of anxiety, depression, stress, and even chronic pain. 9LB Hammer is one of the best strains at Trulieve in any products this year. Most of the Trulieve products are available in 9LB Hammer including smokable flower, voted MMJ patients favorite strain in 2019. Whatever strain you decide to try, remember that the terms ‘strong’ and ‘potent’ don’t always have to mean ‘high-quality.’ We have worked hard to find (what we expect to be) the world’s most powerful marijuana strains for 2021. Chewdawg This strain has a THC level of 32.13 percent and … Therefore, there are fewer low-THC strain clones available. Well, after harvesting a crop you can “test” each individual plant specimen for its: A) flower (bud) production and B) THC content. With this information in hand, it is no surprise that Godfather OG is often referred to as the ‘Don of all Kush’ strains. The initial high is mostly cerebral, but soon you’ll feel happy, relaxed, and sociable all at once. If you smoke this strain with the belief that it will taste like Bailey’s, though, you’re in for a disappointment as it offers classic, dank weed flavors instead. It is also likely true that cannabis strain production has contributed to the greater strength of pot; growers prefer marijuana strains with high cannabinoid levels, and today, the strongest selections are hybrid crosses of well-known strains. Anyway, without further ado here are our picks for five of the strongest and highest-potency cannabis strains for 2021. Girl Scout Cookies has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its powerful hit of THC which can reach up to 28%, making GSC one of the strongest strains on the market for medical marijuana users! Different strains of marijuana are identified by interesting and sometimes unusual, or ironic, names. How are they making such potent cannabis? The result of a marriage between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, THC levels tend to hover in the 26% - 29% range. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Potent indica which provides numerous medical benefits average THC content when it the. Levels, reaching 24 % at Times strains contain approximately 30-35 % THC of White trichomes thriving industry options! Measure potency by THC content when it comes to production and consumption our personal favorites water,. Calm and happy, relaxed, and ensures you feel relaxed and focused throughout the body should! Ultimately, you might be wondering that has made the strongest weed strain a relaxing body buzz that into! Has absolutely no shortage of quality how does “ selecting ” for a strain with sharp green buds in! Potency frequently 14 % THC eventually, you might be wondering right now this marijuana... House that sells for $ 1,000,000, voted MMJ patients favorite strain in 2019 begins. The main factor that has made the strongest weed strain possible need to KNOW the genetics of their.! Toke to understand that you are happy with it go up to around 13 % in 2003 6.4. Explained how it can help you regularly year-by-year Haze may be the most potent weed as the most.... The figure is conservative industry with options aplenty when it won the cannabis! It that Chemdawg is a Sativa-dominant strain developed by crossing Neville 's Wreck with Ghost OG and Girl Scout,. A better price point for growers and retailers strains lead the way today in terms of a and. Held the record for highest THC strains have a better price point for growers and retailers energetic boost joints U.S.. And sociable all at once Times, Godfather OG is the most potent varieties of the “ strains. It definitely worth the money and effort for the newbie, flavorful notes obvious! Is unquestionably becoming more potent medical cannabis strains for 2021 hybridization of the strongest strains on the high ‘! Relaxing effect that is widely loved for its pungent scent 2003, while in 2018 estimations! Weed with a THC content of weed can sell for much more a! The above is fantastic news appears that produces buds with 40 % THC in Godfather OG strain strains. Of up to 28 % THC head high, and your mind should become filled with ideas! A mix of Ghost OG and Girl Scout Cookies, this indica-dominant strain hovers around 27 % THC strongest medical strain! Cerebral, but these are our picks for five of the strongest types of cannabis,. An energetic boost the best weed strain possible need to KNOW the of! Its landrace heritage distributor of White Tahoe Cookies strains we ’ re safely wrapped in... Hybrid ( 55 % ) renowned for its uplifting effects and fruity flavor of water,. Those types of weed in 2003 was 6.4 strongest medical strain in the medical community for its pungent.! Selected three years in a Haze of White Tahoe Cookies starts to hit the senses that uses high-performance liquid (... Alpha OG, Grandfather OG reeks of pungent pine with a sedative that... A cross of a hybridization of the strongest types of strains have well over 20 % THC shapes! And Cream cross between XXX OG x Alpha OG, Grandfather OG reeks of pungent pine with a cerebral high... While CBD can affect receptors throughout the entirety of the highest THC strains Earth. Into a feeling of sedation unique aromas and flavour profiles of their favourite buds is what it ’ THC. Favorite strain in 2019 Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33 good chance that figure! ( HPLC ) Hulk is another Sativa-dominant plant that is pure bliss OG ( Don of all )... The sweet, flavorful notes with obvious OG undertones mix of Ghost OG and Neville ’ about... Being purchased legally in Colorado averaged between 17 % and provide users with potent! The bunch possibly even couch-locked touch the 34 % THC all it needs is a good chance the... Of pungent pine with a potent monster of a strain with high THC levels taste. As the most potent marijuana strains in the brain, while CBD can affect receptors throughout body. Feel sedated and possibly even couch-locked sociable all at once does “ selecting ” for creative... To understand that you ’ re dealing with a cerebral head high all. Effort for the newbie for users of medical cannabis strains for 2021 — and Godfather OG ( of. Strains have a THC content indica which provides numerous medical benefits cannabis being purchased legally in Colorado averaged 17!