Add it all up and most other gaming routers are now second best. I'll wait for the 6E and keep an eye out for your reviews! Today's wireless routers are optimized for homes full of connected devices, from doorbell cameras to smart TVs, and will offer faster connectivity and better range, for a speedier Wi-Fi experience throughout the house. Depending on your needs and budget, any of them will make a good or excellent buy. pricing. Model 6208 V2 is under $50 and has a lot of features such as 802.11ac. The best Wi-Fi routers offer you speedy access for everything, whether it's for work and school, or entertainment and play. The Archer AX6000 is an excellent dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router dishing out speeds of up to 4,804Mbps on the 5GHz band and up to 1,148Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. These Wi-Fi 6 routers are great for a medium or even a large home that has an average amount of devices, and a fast Internet connection. The speedy Nest WiFi also delivers one of the easiest setup processes we've ever used, making it a snap to set up extensions around the house. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you live in a medium home and have a super-fast broadband connection, the TP-Link AX6000 can be an excellent fit. In return, it’s a bit too pricey for its hardware specs, which are identical to the Asus RT-AX82U below. We will be connecting a desktop (in the backhouse) , a laptop and a phone line (although none will probably be used at the same time. I switched my phone's Wi-Fi connection between the router and the booster to compare results. Wi-Fi 6 routers aren't cheap, but value is the name of the game for the TP-Link Archer AX6000 router, our favorite budget-friendly Wi-Fi 6 router. “I recommend Motorola MG7550, as it is the best choice for internet speeds of 250 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Dong’s note: This is a frequently updated post. :). And for one that supports Wi-Fi 6, it’s ridiculously cheap. To clarify, when I say a lot of devices, I'm currently up to about 60+ devices with a hope that I can double that. At $120, it’s less than half of what similarly performing competitors cost, and is backed by a two year warranty. New York, It might be priced like a high-performance or gaming router, but the Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 (RS400) delivers in a different (and perhaps more important) area: Cybersecurity. © What is a mesh Wi-Fi router, and do you need one? Also, curious about whether I should replace or augment my current router. Best Wi-Fi 6 routers of 2020: The performance. From mesh … Read our full Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 (RS400) review. Wi-Fi Spec: Wi-Fi 6/Dual-band | Number of Antennas/Removable: 8/Yes | Ports: 1 WAN/8 LAN gigabit per second, USB 3, USB C | Peak Throughput: 884.4Mbps | Size: 10.3 x 10.3 x 2.4 inches. Based on our in-depth testing, our top pick is the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80), a Wi-Fi 6 router that blows the doors off of most competing routers with Wi-Fi 6. The Archer A7 has great performance for the price – pushing through more data than most of the comparably priced routers we've tested – and features four Gigabit LAN ports and a USB 2.0 port for connecting devices. Made by Google, the Nest WiFi is small enough to hide out of sight and stylish enough that you won't need to. The TP-Link Archer C2300 has a deceptively mild-mannered design, but don't be fooled – it's one of the most powerful wireless routers you can buy. It’s tough to call a router the best because everyone has different needs and budgets. Not an issue either way. It’s a muted version of the more expensive RAX120 that’s capable of delivering 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 (2.4Gbps) in full. Would like your opinion. Wi-Fi Spec: 802.11ac/Dual-Band | Number of Antennas/Removable: 3/Yes | Ports: Four 1-Gbps LAN, 1 WAN, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0 | Peak Throughput: 939.6 Mbps | Size: 8.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches. In home routers, they are not priorities. For Wireless-N dual band routers, it is best to use 20 MHz when in a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz populated area to avoid wireless interference. The best Wi-Fi 6 routers at a glance. Thanks for the guidance. 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Since the first Wi-Fi 6 router became available in early 2019, I’ve reviewed a couple of dozens of them. But the RT-AX86U has almost everything one would want from a standalone Wi-Fi 6 broadcaster. Wi-Fi 5 vs. Wi-Fi 6. While they have similar Wi-Fi coverage as the 4×4 dual-band routers above, they feature a double Wi-Fi bandwidth thanks to the additional 5 GHz band. Netgear Nighthawk RAX50 $240 from Amazon. The Asus RT-AX82U is almost the same as the RT-AX86U above in terms of performance and features. Do you have sources for these? It would be convenient for me to know which wifi routers have US-based tech support. The R7800 actually is more powerful CPU and WiFi chipset wise than the R8500, only advantage the R8500 has is the extra 5Ghz band which I don't think will help you that much and will definitely not increase range by any means. We've spent more than 60 hours testing dozens of routers to help you skip the confusion and find the right Wi-Fi solution for your home. Additionally, it also has eight Gigabit LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port. This wireless router has connectivity in droves, thanks to its tri-band design and four downstream Gigabit LAN ports, a single 2.5G Base T Ethernet connection, and two USB 3.0 ports. Its main rival is the Asus RT-AX88U below, and the two are comparable in more ways than one. Each mesh extension of the Nest WiFi system has a Google Home smart speaker built in, giving you one of the best voice assistants throughout the house, along with powerful wireless signal. Visit our corporate site. My thought are Orbi, Eero, and Samsung Connect. After that you should understand what a router can or can't do. Due to the ubiquitous usage, the 2.4GHz frequency band’s throughput tends to be slow and fluctuate a great deal. Most of the high-end routers on this list will be better than the X10. It’s worth noting that a single Wi-Fi 6 router has about the same coverage as a Wi-Fi 5 counterpart of the same performance tier but likely delivers better performance when used with Wi-Fi 6 clients. Router: EdgeRouter X. SQM enabled for speeds around 150 Mbps, or hardware offloading enabled for up to gigabit speeds. No online protection, gaming, or mesh features, 2.5 Gbps WAN port with eight Gigabit LAN ports, Excellent, Antivirus, QoS and Parental Control features, Eye-catching and convenient hardware design, Misleading gaming veneer, no actual gaming-specific features, Artificial "Game" items make the interface unnecessarily confusing, Fast, reliable Wi-Fi with excellent coverage, Convenient Teleport VPN for mobile devices, Limited in conventional settings and features, Unconventional tri-band setup with no dedicated backhaul when used in a mesh setup, No 160MHz channel support, multi-gig port, not wall-mountable, Comparatively super-expensive with nothing extra, Shallow Wi-Fi customization, spartan feature set, No 5Gbps or 10Gbps LAN port, not wall-mountable, Fast and reliable Wi-Fi performance with excellent range, Unique and effective settings for online gaming, Multi-Gig network port, Dual-WAN, Link Aggregation, Bulky design, loose antennas, non-wall-mountable, Long boot-up time, buggy (at launch), fluctuating Wi-Fi throughputs. When it comes to wireless performance, it’s always the 5GHz band that matters. With average broadband speeds sitting right around 100 Mbps, most wireless AC routers will be able to handle the job with ease. TP-Link Archer AX3200: An excellent modest tri-band router for small home, 4. The first gaming router we've tested that features Wi-Fi 6, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is a gamer's delight, with speed that improves over longer range, low latency and all the features that gamers expect. Asus RT-AX89X: Arguably the best Asus standalone Wi-Fi 6 router to date, 2. These are dual-band routers with a mix of high-end (4×4) 5 GHz band and subdued 2×2 2.4 GHz band. New routers using the Wi-Fi 6 standard (previously known as 802.11ax) often sell for $400 or more. 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Our budget pick, the TP-Link Archer A7, uses the older Wi-Fi 5 (aka 802.11ac), but it served our mix of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 laptops well in our tests and is the only router under $100 we … Routers; Best cable modems in 2020. Netgear Nighthawk XR1000: A different type of (gaming) experience, 2. I test Wi-Fi 6 routers using 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 clients, which are currently the fastest in the market. Now that Wi-Fi 6 has finally arrived, we went ahead and gathered up all the best Wi-Fi 6 routers 2020 has to offer. They actually told me that I needed to upgrade my Internet Service File for $99.95. It can also support up to 40 devices on fast Wi-Fi. There are several mesh Wi-Fi solutions on the market, and while they'll all cover your home in wireless signal, our favorite has to be the Nest WiFi. A great mesh router with built-in smart speaker, Wi-Fi Spec: 802.11ac/dual band | Number of Antennas/Removable: 4/No | Ports: Two 1-Gbps LAN | Peak Throughput: 653.2 Mbps | Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.6 inches. If you're unsure, you may leave channel width at Auto.. Plus, it'll work with any older Google WiFi units you might own. Please refresh the page and try again. Ubiquiti has been making waves in both home and enterprise networking and this really shows when you try to get ahold of their AmpliFi Alien 6 Router. And finally, the fact it can work as part of an excellent AiMesh system means it will last a long time, even when you move to a larger place. Would it have changed with the new firmware updates? Best Value. And with excellent performance through walls and floors, the Nighthawk AX8 will work just as well in the real world as in the lab. However, thanks to its reliable performance and, especially the friend cost, it sure is an excellent buy. Also, its current price of some $250, while reasonable, can still be out of reach for those on a budget. If you want in depth reviews look at small netbuilder and CNET has some simpler reviews too but the R7800 in pretty much most sites, tops other routers in 5GHz performance and range. Asus RT-AX3000 (RT-AX58U): The best entry-level mesh-ready router, 1. However, a good system is a higher priority to price. In many ways, the RT-AX88U is the Wi-Fi 6 version of the RT-AC88U, which is an excellent router. Looking for recommendations on best mesh WiFi network for my home. The latest Wi-Fi protocol, 802.11ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6 or High Efficiency (HE) Wireless officially launched last year and new Wi-Fi 6 routers … The dual-band router promises great … The latest technology for routers is called Wi-Fi 6, which is a newer, faster standard that's better suited to the many devices found in homes today. Netgear RAX40: A safe Wi-Fi 6 choice for the semi budget-minded, Best just-right (AX5400) Wi-Fi 6 routers for a medium home with sub-Gigabit Internet, 3. Those generally are enterprise features. It’s not wall-mountable, nor does it support tri-band. This list includes dual-band 2×2 routers that range from affordable to semi-affordable. On top of that, using it won’t cause you to worry about your privacy, nor do you have to take a loan to get it. Check out all of our home networking coverage: Best mesh routers | Best Wi-Fi extenders | Best powerline extenders | Best cable modems. By adding in router-based security, the Archer AX6000 stands alone as one of the best routers you can get, at a price that's hard to beat. TP-Link Archer AX50: An excellent alternative worthy of the extra cost, 2. ASUS does not have, at least not at level 1, native English speakers, and the ones I spoke with had poor English skills.