Table of Trigonometric Identities. Before the existence of pocket calculators, trigonometric tables were essential for navigation, science and engineering.The calculation of mathematical tables was an important area of study, which led to the development of the first mechanical … These will return an angle given a sine value (or cosine, tangent, etc.). Download as PDF file [Trigonometry] [Differential Equations] Trigonometry table, tabulated values for some or all of the six trigonometric functions for various angular values.Once an essential tool for scientists, engineers, surveyors, and navigators, trigonometry tables became obsolete with the availability of computers. You may also be interested in our Unit Circle page - a way to memorize the special angle values quickly and easily! Related Topics . Trigonometric ratios are the ratios between edges of a right triangle. It is also called circular functions. ⁡ = =. The trigonometric ratios of a triangle are also called the trigonometric functions. Definition of the Trig Functions Right triangle definition For this definition we assume that 0 2 p <
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