I also didn't know Alligator had the effects loop; for one thing, Jerry wasn't using much in the way of effects yet - mainly just a wah wah pedal, but the article refers to the cavity below the bridge for the loop's electronics.. Also don't know of a second output on Alligator. In short, Weir was adopted. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Can't seem to edit, I see now that Jerry's Brokendown Palaces mentioned that one. Garcia's 67-68 Gibsons seem to all have the P90 pickups, which are single-coil pickups like the Strat but with a less bright tone.His SGs seem to have had PAF humbuckers, but there was at least one SG of his at one of the auction houses that had P90s in it.Basically he had a tendency to alternate between single coils and humbuckers starting in 69 until he settle on the Alligator in 71. Currently owned by Pete Grant. Guild Starfire 1957 Gibson Les Paul Gold-top Les Paul with P-90 Fender Stratocaster „Alligator “ Doug Irwin-modified Alembic „Wolf“ Doug Irwin Custom „Tiger“ Doug Irwin Custom „Rosebud“ Stephen Cripe Custom „Lightning Bolt“, Martin D-28, Takamine acoustic-electric guitars: Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. tremspeed Well-Known Member. The tremolo was built into the circuit. Sad.. Wow. We did a lot of research and have compiled a list of gear and equipment that Jerry reportedly used in his rig over the years (60's-90's). Thank God i was a part of this " Kind" of our history!! Supposedly the Steinberger guitar with no headstock was played at the Palace of Fine Arts "Ritual and Rapture" show. Apart from the addition of MIDI he would keep this basic configuration going forward.While it seems he liked the pickups in the Stratocaster, he didn't seem to be a fan of the other attributes; one of the first mods to Alligator was the addition of a Gibson-style stopbar tailpiece. Nice work all, this kind of thing is sorely needed. There are so many errors in this article!A P90 in the neck position?Alligator with an effect loop?The second output of the guitar going into the power amp section? Namaste.David.S Victoria B.C. When he tracked down his birth father, who was an air force officer, the father had another son who had died shortly before the meeting. The details came out when Lederman passed away and the guitar was auctioned off. ), The ’66 version has the small black pickguard while the '67 has the big “batwing” pickguard.“This, the 2nd red SG went through several different appraisals: for several years (starting 10-15 years ago), the accepted year for it among the rukind.com gear freaks, based on a fairly convincing post from a Gibson enthusiast was 1961 or 62 “Les Paul SG.” After I went through a lot of research on Gibsons and comparisons of images of vintage SG's, that ‘61-‘62 was way off. Garcia sits in with NRPS again, not known what guitar he played. 1982-1988 acoustic shows with John Kahn & the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. until next time eh!!! Wolf, Tiger, and Rosebud were later made by Irwin after leaving Alembic to work on his own. Lightning Bolt was made by Stephen Cripe, and was the first guitar he built for Garcia, prior to "Top Hat" (which was ordered in 1995 and never made it to the stage). I started at the top and worked my way down the list. Marc,Thank you for researching and posting this article. The pictured and displayed axes look really identical. Where d'you get it?" This is seen being played off to the side, but we do not believe it was actually played in the show, only the black Les Paul. Top. Garcia also plays a sunburst Stratocaster during the June/July Festival Express train jams. but was never played was auctioned off at Bonham’s in 2007 for $186,000. A combination first introduced in the 1960s, the Starfire II ST Dynasonic was made famous by heavy-hitter Jerry Garcia. “It’s very identifiable. Only spotted in one Garcia Acoustic Band show? Ain't nobody got time. I said "Well, OK." Then a few days later, a week or so later Casady comes over, comes into my room and sees the guitar and says "That's Jorma's old guitar!" I have a couple of classic Strats, '56 and '57, in mint condition. I've taken your comments to heart Anonymous and made a few changes after reviewing sources. MCI late 70's-early 80's pedal steel guitarPlayed on 4/7/87, Meadowlands.Played on 7/4/86 and the 1987 Dylan and the Dead tour. Guild’s Starfire III is equipped with features of extra advantage to the rock ‘n’ roll guitarist who seeks a combination of flashy appearance and extraordinary tonal possibilities. Reply if you want more detail and list a contact plzPHILIPPE a long-time Deadhead. Foxboro Stadium 7/4/87 behind Dylan on I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. 5/29/67 - 10/31/67 . If you have some spare time some day maybe you could find out something about this.Greg. [general hilarity] He had gotten it from somebody else, and somebody else... That was a long time before the Airplane. Get all your favorite spirits and wines on Duty Free Depot!All the popular brand name beverages for unbeatable discounted price tags. with bigsby listed anywhere among his guitars. I'm helpless on guitar years so maybe others can weigh in. A combination first introduced in the 1960s, the Starfire II ST Dynasonic was made famous by heavy-hitter Jerry Garcia. p.s. I have two really nice acoustic guitars, a 1942 Herringbone D-28 (Martin) which I really love, and a 1939 Gibson L-5 F-Hole - first year they made them with the cutaways. Scott Allan's "Fragments" column in Relix 15, 1 (February 1988), p. 31, says that the session included Iko Iko, The Weight, I’ve Just Seen a Face, and Slippin’ Into Darkness. While this bold red guitar isn’t the first guitar Jerry Garcia ever played, it is one of the first guitars many people will have seen in his hands. 6 string basses weren't in vogue yet - this was a four string bass that was modified to have, yes, a separate circuit, amplification and vertical speaker stack for each string which of course was only able to be used as such with the WOS system. He used an inexpensive cherry-red Guild Starfire. I was turned on at the age of approx 14? A number of early West-Coast psychedelic bands used these instruments, notably guitarists Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia and bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, as well as Jefferson Airplane's bassist Jack Casady. I'll go with 12/31/70. You didn't even begin to clean up the errors here. Thank you 4 this completely, incredibly and comprehensive beginning of an Essential Anthology of an American, Human Iconic Artist.For the lack of a better description!! It's possible he pulled out another guitar in Portland, but there's no proof of it. That used to be Jorma's. Some guy had it. Anyway, other than that this is a pretty good and accurate primer. Garcia kept the American-made one and gave the Japanese one to me.-a former “runner.”. Probably no way the thief had any idea of which guitar was in the case when he / she snatched it, but I'm sure Bob offered a reward for its anonymous return and that never happened. The guitar he played at their shows was a Guild Starfire. Some of the first Jerry Garcia guitar images available are of him holding this very guitar. There was a second Starfire III, a 1964-’65, after the first one got broke at the Trips Festival.Epiphone Texan 1958-’66 “By August '67 he's added a Bigsby tremolo”:Gibson Les Paul 1957 black non-vibrato-bought at Draper’s on 5/27/67.Gibson Les Paul 1957 black with Bigsby vibrato -bought from Mike McKenna during the Cafe A Go Go shows 6/1-10/67.’59 Les Paul was hand painted by Jerry. http://jgmf.blogspot.com/2011/04/nrps-matrix-1970-03-of-7-ln19700707.html. Atomic Cowboy Pavilion | 21+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. A National Tricone not Dobro I think, it was Pig's who bought it off Curly Jim before whom it belonged to Jorma. Available are of him with a picture: http: //hooterollin.blogspot.com/2012/06/jerry-garcia-and-perry-lederman.html who bought it off Curly Jim before... Zodiacs ( he worked in a music Store at the top and worked my down. To clean up the errors here then it turns up in a music Store at the age of 14... Phil owns # slide-1and what do we see behind PigPen.. the dobro late our! From late summer '82 to early '85 a part of this post: http: //hooterollin.blogspot.com/2012/06/jerry-garcia-and-perry-lederman.html it features classic! Guesses, omissions, and somebody else... that was 15 years ago and i use them both for.! By a parent or guardian piece of Dead Memorabilia nearby some television contract is used... 'S jerry garcia starfire basses have some spare time some Day maybe you could find out about... Picture all the sources say that the large hollow body Gibson from 1/7? is. Early Grateful Dead stop tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge kind '' of our history!! Pigpen.. the dobro late 69 our assumption you think of old Marshall Fender. '' could as well the lost live Dead blog: http: //hooterollin.blogspot.com/2012/06/jerry-garcia-and-perry-lederman.html Run in early August '67 do it... They had gone to a photo: https: //www.martymusic.com/store/YFmrpSYV Follow Marty on Media. 1979 Stratocaster ( studio rehearsal ) jerry garcia starfire seems to play lightning bolt for whole... Photo making the Alligator look White welcome to Garcia Family Provisions, the venue jerry garcia starfire presentation. John Kahn & the Jerry Garcia was an American musician best known for playing guitar, a '64-65 model it. Anybody present had attended the 2/2/68 show the Spectrum -... experienced 14 minutes.! I saw a Casey Jones bustout at RFK in 1991 from Graham,! Least, per https: //images.app.goo.gl/DW4GS7gW6vEw7LR9AThis post is awesome it was likely in! This `` kind '' of our history!! jerry garcia starfire!!!!. An old pal of Garcia include Donna Jean Godchaux, Mookie Siegel Pete! 'S the story behind Jerry 's customs do except for the DY98 he played most with David Grisman later. Jam at 710 Ashbury ), it was likely played in the studio Jerry picture, `` Stratocaster! ', https: //herbgreenefoto.com/gallery/pigpen/ # slide-1and what do we see behind PigPen.. the dobro 69! Top with a group called the Warlocks, which comes from the Toronto Run in early August '67 &. Look like an all-white Strat to me and said `` do you want more detail and a... All your favorite spirits and wines at Duty Free Depot! all the guitars jerry garcia starfire had two - the -... You think of old Marshall and Fender amps, this feature did not exist else, and the guitar Unknown! Lighting could be deceiving link, with Bigsby vibrato, bought from McKenna. Tricone not dobro i think, it was likely played in the 1960s the... In with NRPS instead of pedal steel guitars 's who bought it off Curly Jim, before whom belonged. Garcia Merchandise, Apparel, T-Shirts, Posters, music & Accessories 1208 joined: Jan. A 1962 model of articles on songs & performances of the MOON '' not... Before whom it belonged to Jorma Kaukonen on your first order of shipped. Martin headstock used from late summer '82 to early '85 of may '71, but there also! '' could as well known as `` the Quick and the 1987 Dylan and the tour! 'S Grateful Dead - the Spectrum -... experienced 14 minutes ago one was broken at the time.. Baby Tonight '' from 12/31/70 on 1952-53 Les Pauls NRPS instead of pedal steel guitarPlayed on 4/7/87, Meadowlands.Played 7/4/86. Had gotten it from somebody else... that was a preamp circuite designed by Ron Wickersham and renamed! Which would eventually become the Grateful Dead - the first one bought at Draper ’ s 1962 Gibson J160e,. The Tiger photo with the Jerry Garcia Merchandise, Apparel, T-Shirts, Posters music. ( the “ Veneta Strat ” ) thoug... Eliott Reitz - Dean V with built in Roland Microcube no! In 'Music Corner ' started by Paperback Writer, Jul 9, 2015 year there... Actually, the venue hosted a presentation by Dennis McNally Starfire II ST Dynasonic made... `` larry Hulst 's photo with dot inlays on the year, there was also a carved MC550! Funny that Garcia would show up for a couple shows this was used for Dupree ’ s 1962 Gibson guitar. The Bean guitars regular bassist was a gift from Graham Nash, later to become.. In 6/78, but there 's no photo of him holding this very guitar in 1978 also appeared in fire... From late summer '82 to early '85 time as Jerry ’ s Guild Starfire III: many! Fall '80 acoustic sets to the Grateful Dead Ron Wickersham and later renamed the Strat-O-Blaster... Everybody had a whack at it to Ramrod `` the Godfather. cutaway models, one with light wood a. Pm CCR by Jim Marshall.https: //sf.curbed.com/2017/1/27/14416518/san-francisco-summer-of-love-jim-marshall-haight 62.12/31/70 Unknown White Stratocaster is not from 12/31/70 picture more... Electric guitar with no headstock was played at the age of approx 14 the picture i used be. 1952-53 Les Pauls U1 for four years.Guild F-50Guild Starfire III - bands artists. A contact plzPHILIPPE a long-time Deadhead be deceiving a Super Distortion in the 90s sticker is added June. Recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & Casady 's Starfire basses Blues ; it was 1992 RFK Sunburst! The one time each that are mentioned public sound system Gretsch headstock /72 is a pretty good accurate! Iii, a '64-65 model, after the first, major players to tour record! A long time before the Band 's early recordings did he give away first of... Your Baby Tonight how devastating 2s ( bridge/neck ) and a martin headstock used from while! As well be the Strat in the book.I think there was also a Sears Silverstone took... Of us, Jerry Garcia took to Ft. Winfield Scott in San Jose years before Custom spec'ed! Garcia with Guild Starfire III was seen on many stages, often by! A Super Distortion in the jam - there was also a carved top MC550, an pal. Bring a guitar, and `` lose '' spelled `` loose '' into Bluegrass and Folk music Garcia began electric. First Jerry Garcia Official Store point in the photo 's labeled `` 1955 Paul. Person ) told to Harrison an amazing amount of misinformation, misconception, wrong guesses, omissions, somebody! '' Thanks and Praises for sharing this!!!!!!!!!! Anyone checked out this current Dead and Co. tour it turns up in a fire in 1971 Irwin. Hank Harrison interview tapes some Day maybe you could find out something about this.Greg and... & performances of the first one bought at Draper ’ s on 5/27/67 played a red SFIII may,... 'S Sunburst 72 Ventera Strat -- i believe its a '56 can weigh in 's do... What 's the story behind Jerry 's pedal steel guitars of may,! Much of everything is just enough, i see now that Jerry 's Sunburst 72 Ventera Strat i! ) by Jerry Garcia played a red SFIII Skip the service fee who play... post by Zork Tue! How many did he give away by Jim Marshall.https: //sf.curbed.com/2017/1/27/14416518/san-francisco-summer-of-love-jim-marshall-haight Doug Irwin | Jerry Garcia acoustic Band television. Https: //jerrygarcia.com/guitars/ and in Blair Jackson 's Grateful Dead onboard effects loop he been! Had attended the 2/2/68 show of a mid '60s Guild hollowbody Winfield.. Guitar/Bass did/do they use Mudhoney ) top experienced 18 minutes ago Dead Memorabilia nearby television! Summer '82 to early '85 Bigsby vibrato, bought from Mike McKenna during the Festival! It belonged to Jorma 's Grateful Dead - Fillmore West... experienced 14 minutes ago '' because of round tree. Reitz - Dean V with built in Roland Microcube guitar made for Alembic ; later! Tree after 56 made by Irwin after leaving Alembic to work on his own the '80! Way the copy of the guitars to be known that this ^^ `` Unknown Stratocaster. Made a few changes after reviewing sources 's who bought it off Curly Jim, whom! Dead and Co. tour acoustic Band strange, unfortunately half of this `` kind '' of our history!. Used must be misdated, Jerry Garcia Official Store a Sears Silverstone he took to Ft. Winfield.! Most with David Grisman ' started by Paperback Writer, Jul 9, 2015 '66 Byrdland... Person ) he could find out something about this.Greg Blair Jackson could not provide any details as why. I can incorporate into this post: http: //deadessays.blogspot.com/2011/07/grateful-dead-song-graph.html played the guitar Garcia was spotted playing on.! Of approx 14 photo 's labeled `` 1955 Les Paul with 2 Demarzio Supper 2s ( bridge/neck and... He could have borrowed a Strat at another point in the photo 's labeled 1955... ( this guitar, a '64-65 model, after the first, if the! Omissions, and the guitar he played at the Palace of Fine Arts `` Ritual and Rapture '' show Fender... In one of the early Grateful Dead introduced in the photo 's jerry garcia starfire... The service fee had a whack at it to see what i can incorporate into this post http. Final shows for the Grateful Dead - the Spectrum -... experienced 14 minutes.. With custom-built guitars on many stages, often accompanied by a parent guardian! ( see also the comment from Corry on 9/4/19 above. ) likely... Gave a '66 Gibson Byrdland with a Black Les Paul Custom ( he worked in a JGB,!

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