Kheer is basically rice pudding made across India, it is simlar to rice payasam made in South Indian homes. Vermicelli or Sevai Kheer is very similar to the Sheer Khurma that is popularly made during Eid, but Sheer Khurma is richer than the kheer due to the addition of dates and a lot of nuts.Also, the variety of Sevai added in the two is different. Rinse rice well and drain the water. Let it simmer for 12-15 minutes or until it is thickened and becomes kheer consistency. rice and milk should fall together in the same flow. This dessert can be served warm, at room temperature or chilled. Take milk in a heavy bottom pan. It can be enjoyed a bowlful of it as such as a dessert. Next … . Do stir occasionally to make sure that it is not sticking to the bottom and sides of the pan. After this strain rice and drain excess water. Rice pudding in the given recipe has been flavoured with some cardamoms and coconut. and the BEST part about kheer … Or it can be served along with a meal and. You can flavor the kheer with saffron. Milk – Use full cream milk to prepare this Seviyan Kheer, as it gives a nice, rich, and creamy texture. Thandai Kheer is a pastry variant of thandai, where full cream milk is cooked with rice and blended in with handcrafted Thandai Masala Powder. 1-2 cups water (to determine the thickness. Once done, let the pressure release naturally.After 8 to 10 minutes, open the pot and press the saute button. Add sugar and cook well. Be sure that it will turn out good each time! no worries. Take cooked rice, milk, condensed milk, nuts and saffron in a saucepan. This would take around 6-8 minutes. But this kheer is a rich and creamy Indian almond dessert best served after a rich party meal or festival meal. Once the milk starts boiling, simmer the heat cook for 8-10 minutes. Sevai – Here I have used whole wheat Seviyan, but you can even use all-purpose flour one for this Kheer. Turn the heat on medium. For that, crush saffron strands and add to 1-2 tablespoons of warm milk. Do stir occasionally to make sure that it is not sticking to the bottom and sides of the pan. add 3 cloves. Fry the remaining cashew-badam-pista in a small quantity of ghee and add them to the simmering mixture. Pistachio and almond slivers for garnishing. Serve hot or chilled. Take cooked rice, milk, condensed milk, nuts and saffron in a saucepan. Simmer over low flame, stirring occasionally till the rice is cooked and the milk becomes thick. How to make Kheer with Jaggery Recipe. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. Let the milk come to a boil. My go-to kheer recipe with condensed milk! I would love to have you as part of my journey. Thandai Kheer. I would recommend refrigerating this Kheer before serving, as it tastes the best when chilled. Soak in water for 2 hours. Start by soaking the uncooked rice in water for a good half an hour. Then, heat a pressure cooker and add rice, water, and milk in the required measurements along with saffron and cardamom pods. Slow cooking is the key word here. You can also crush cardamom seeds and add them in the Kheer. Thin Vermicelli made from all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour is the best to make Seviyan Kheer.I used the brand Bambino to make this seviyan kheer. So whenever I have no time left to make a dessert, I can quickly whip up this Sevai Kheer. When it comes to a boil, add sevai and raisins. I LOVE to see your creations so pin and mention. I'm Neha, Blogger & recipe expert behind WhiskAffair. How to make Kheer step by step: To make rice kheer recipe, firstly, clean and wash the rice and then soak it for 30 minutes. It makes it so much creamier. [1] X Research source Kheer is a year-round favorite that can be served topped with any number of things from chopped nuts like pistachios or almonds to spices such as cardamom and saffron. Making badam kheer is easy if you blanched almonds ready. Method The kheer recipe comes together in a short series of steps: Once the milk boils over, add the soaked … 1/2 cup … Don’t have an instant pot…. These are made up of a variety of flour like rice, wheat, and other gluten-free grains like ragi, jowar, etc. The milk will reduce considerably after 20-25 minutes and the kheer would look thick and the rice will be completely cooked. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate for 1 serving. They should not be separated like milk will get poured back and rice stays in the spoon. Here is how to make it. Cardamom Powder – To add a nice subtle flavor, add in a little cardamom flavor. It will thicken a bit, so if you want to thin it out add in some cold milk and give it a mix. Rinse a deep non-stick pan with ¼ cup of water and quickly simmer it for 2-3 minutes. Garnish with pistachio and almond slivers. I personally prefer chilled badam kheer. Cook till the kheer thickens to the desired consistency. Use good quality or homemade ghee for the best taste and flavor. It’s deliciously rich, creamy and perfectly sweet with irresistible flavors. It is also called Sevaiyan Payasam, in the southern part of India. Meanwhile, when the rice grains are soaking, take 1 litre full fat milk in a heavy wide pan or … Turn the heat on medium. You can also add in chopped cashews. Roast the seviyan on low flame, to avoid burning. Step 3 Simmer the kheer until it thickens and add dry fruits. For making Jaggery kheer, take milk in any vessel and place it on flame for simmering. Eggless chocolate sugar cookies recipe (cutout cookies). Now, add soaked rice, stirring continouosly. Once done, switch off and serve warm. Add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder, chopped cashews, sliced pistachios and the saffron dissolved milk to the rice. It makes the Kheer nice, rich, and creamy. Replace milk with almond milk. 3. Learn about kheer. Kheer is just one name for a rice pudding-like dessert that is often made in southeast Asian countries like India, Nepal and Pakistan for special occasions. Want to make it perfect first time? 3 cups milk (any kind you like - whole tastes the best, but 2% is just fine!) Pour the milk into a heavy-based pan and heat gently (you can preheat the milk in a jug in the microwave then transfer the hot milk to the pan, to save time, if you prefer). Always use whole cream milk as it gives the best results. Once you see a … 2. If you roast them on high flame, they will become brown without roasting properly. Reduce the quantity of milk … In this sevai kheer recipe, we are using seviyan made using wheat flour. When the raisins are plump, add the nuts, ghee and raisins to the kheer. The pressure valve should be in a sealing position. It is a recipe with minimal efforts and zero monitoring.Add in milk, followed by other Kheer ingredients, stir and then close the pot with the lid.Press the porridge button and set the time to 8 to 10 minutes. Anyway. Cook till the kheer thickens to the desired consistency. Press the porridge button and set the time to 8 to 10 minutes. In sheer khurma, fine nylon vermicelli is used however in seviyan kheer, normal-sized vermicelli is used. The amount of vermicelli depends on how you want your kheer to be. Making Kheer in stove top pressure cooker. Then, in a heavy bottom pan, bring the milk to a boil. Simmering rice and milk … You can easily double or triple this recipe if you are making it for a large crowd. For more richness and flavor, you can also add in cloves, saffron, rose water, and top it with some fresh rose petals. Ghee – Ghee is used to roasting the sevai. It is quick and effortless with great taste. Return the kheer to the flame and simmer for 2 to 3 mins on low flame. Ingredients of Chawal Ki Kheer (Rice Kheer) Recipe: Fragrant … Here is the way to make Thandai Kheer. This type of kheer is also known as chawal ki kheer, which translates to “rice kheer.” I also have recipes for carrot kheer and a south Indian dal kheer, better known as moong dal payasam.. Why Make Kheer in an Instant Pot + My Secret to Keeping Milk from Burning: Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a heavy kadai or pan. Add in milk, followed by other Kheer ingredients, stir and then close the pot with the lid. Your email address will not be published. Step8: Once the milk has come to a boil, lower the heat to low flame and let the rice cook for around 20 minutes.Stir every 2 minutes or so. Cooking chawal ki kheer is easy but requires patience and time. Some people also make vermicelli using moong beans, sweet potatoes, etc. Don't forget to check out Step-by-Step photo instructions and helpful Tips & Tricks !! To make the rice kheer, wash and soak the rice in enough water for half an hour, drain and keep aside. Clean raisins and peel cardamom to make powder. Add sevai and roast till golden brown on low heat. Just make sure you use a large pressure cooker. It is a recipe with minimal efforts and zero monitoring. If you are looking for more Kheer Recipes, here are some of my favorites to make during festivals and special occasions – Carrot Kheer, Makhane Ki Kheer, Sabudana Kheer, Rice Kheer, Lauki Ki Kheer, Badam Kheer, Thandai Kheer, and Chikoo Ki Kheer. If you have an instant pot at home, then making this Vermicelli Kheer is even easier.Just dump all the ingredients and your kheer will be ready in minutes. (Keep in mind that it will thicken further upon cooling). You can make many different kheer varieties, but the most popular type of kheer is made with rice. Boil milk and cook the rice well. I normally use 1 cup.) Nuts – To make it even richer and give it a nice royal touch add in nuts such as Pistachio, Almonds, and Raisins. Let it simmer for 12-15 minutes or until it is thickened and becomes kheer consistency. You can easily double or triple this recipe, if you are making it for a large crowd. Fragrant, creamy and delicious, kheer is a dreamy Indian rice pudding anyone can make at home. Add 3 cups water to the rice and boil on medium heat Once water starts to reduce almost completely add the milk and allow it to simmer on low heat Stir the … Boil the rice and milk in a deep pan. And potatoes, too, but that is irrelevant. Use whole milk to make the kheer. If you like to serve it hot, reheat in a pan or microwave until nice and warm. (I like using fat free.) Kheer is a very popular Indian dessert and is often prepared on auspicious and pious occasions. Just dump all the ingredients and your kheer will be ready in minutes. Rice Kheer is creamy, rich and a delight for the taste buds. Sago Kheer Recipe - Tapioca Milk Pudding by Archana's Kitchen When the rice becomes soft, add the condensed milk and half the quantity of coarsely ground nuts and stir. I've nurtured Whiskaffair for last 8 years by trying & testing every recipe published. You can serve badam kheer warm or chilled. This delicious kheer is an amazing combination of wheat vermicelli and milk and gets ready in under 15 minutes. ( Keep in mind that it will thicken further upon cooling ). Stir the kheer again and simmer on saute mode for about 2 to 3 minutes until the kheer thickens a bit. ... Kheer. Serving chilled kheer at the end of any dinner or lunch makes the whole experience divine. Badam milk can be a good healthy everyday drink for toddlers and kids. I agree with an earlier reviewer: coconut milk is not needed, at all, and yes the cooking time is longer; takes more than an hour when we make kheer at hom! Once it starts boiling, add rice. Seviyan Kheer also known as Vermicelli Kheer, Sevai Kheer or Semiya Kheer is a delicious Indian dessert made using vermicelli and milk. Finely chop almonds-Cashews. Rice Kheer Recipe in Pressure Cooker. Discard the water and heat the milk in the same pan and bring it to a vigorous boil. Hi! Mix and continue to cook. ABOUT THE THANDAI KHEER Turn the heat on medium. Rice Kheer recipe is a pudding made using milk, sugar and rice. 1 cup condensed, sweetened, milk. If you want it thick add in more, if you want thin, add in less. Take a pan over medium flame, add in the milk and keep stirring the milk till it reduces to half. Ingredients * One-litre milk, plus an extra 100ml, in case the kheer gets too thick *Two pods of green cinnamon (crushed to a coarse powder) *Half a cup uncooked rice of your choice (soaked for 20 mins) *Three tablespoons of castor sugar *For garnish, about one cup of chopped nuts. My mom is Bengali and Bengali's are OBSESSED with rice. Thoroughly clean ½ cup rice and wash well. The kheer can be easily made in the pressure cooker. I also like to add in some finely chopped mangoes in Summers, in this Seviyon ki Kheer, to make it more flavourful and the addition of mangoes makes this kheer even more delicious. Unlike traditional rice puddings of the West (made with just rice, sugar and milk), kheer is adorned with the scent of cardamom, the sweetness of raisins, the crunch of almonds and the natural aroma of basmati rice. It’s a very popular brand of wheat vermicelli which is available in most Indian stores. Once the rice grains are cooked and the kheer thickens, scrape milk solids from the sides and add it to the kheer. To make this Kheer vegan, you can roast the vermicelli in unsalted vegan butter and use almond milk or cashew milk instead of dairy milk. Sugar – You can adjust the amount of sugar according to your taste and preference. Click here to leave a review and give us a five star rating ★★★★★. Garnish with pistachio and almond slivers. US measuring cups are used (1 cup = 240 ml). Take spoonful/ladleful of kheer and pour it back. Even I didnt have one until recently. You can use skim milk and low-fat milk, but it won’t give the same result. Seviyan Kheer which is also known as Sevai Ki Kheer or Semiya Kheer is a popular Indian sweet that is prepared for special occasions and festivals. It has a perfect creamy consistency. Therefore, when the festival season starts, I make sure to buy some packets of sevai and store them in my pantry. This Sabudana kheer thickens as it cools down. Add cardamom powder and sugar and mix well. Folks do try this recipe and serve it with your family and friends. Now add cardamom powder, nutmeg and rose water. Fry for 2 to 3 seconds. This delectable Vermicelli Kheer will last in the fridge for about 3 days, when stored in an air tight container. Sevaiyan is the Urdu word used for Vermicelli noodles, which is widely used in cooking all over the world. Home » Recipes » Sweets & desserts » Seviyan Kheer, Published: Aug 26, 2020 | Last Updated On: Sep 15, 2020 by Neha Mathur.

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