Handsome Siblings: Season 1 (Trailer) Episodes Handsome Siblings. Wu Que got used to obeying everything Yaoyue orders because he had been trained through punishment to obey everything without any question. Aunt Lian Xiang apologised and said that he reminded her of a good friend. Meanwhile, the villainous group had decided that Xiao Yu’er was getting out of control and therefore they had done their job. This is eye candy to an extraordinary degree. Yu’er got a bit worried and nervous when Xin Lan was getting ready to go to bed. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu’er was so happy to be out of the Wicked Canyon, he was free. it was easy to get if he wanted to but he doesn’t. China. From: Wikipedia . And in three days, she and Qin Zi Ling will get away to travel the world. Su Ying and Murong Jiu, originally two different characters in the novel, were combined as a single role (played by He Szu-min) in the series to add a touch of creativity. Murong Jiu took over, and only the little fairy was her opponent. Tie Xinlan refused to let him go, and asked the woman to save people, claiming that the little fish was poisoned by the King of the Snake. The look of anger was much better than the usual cold look. Zhen Wang . verystar January 21, 2020 Leave a Comment. Handsome Siblings Episodio 1. Snakeman, who was really Lord Bishe finally showed himself when Yu’er said that if he did not appear soon, he would swallow the treasure map. Brother Yan was the world’s best swordsman but there were too many of them and he got distracted trying to find the missing baby. She immediately ordered Yuenu to kill herself if she wanted Jiang Feng to be saved from his fatal injuries. Aunt Lian Xiang was so overwhelmed with longing for Jiang Feng that she asked Wu Wue to hug her which confused the boy. She was with him day and night and thought they were happy. The little fairy said that he would give him a coffin and was about to kill During his time, Murong Jiu arrived. Zhang Jing was in danger, and she was not afraid of her. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. Clashing martial-artist twins face relentless villains, thorny romance and brotherly rivalry as their troubled pasts catch up to them. 绝代双骄 / Jue Dai Shuang Jiao / Handsome Siblings. Then one day one of the maids disappeared and Jiang Feng with her. Handsome Siblings (Upcoming/TBA) : Jang Feng is a handome young martial artist. She had not seen the Wu Que for five years so she did not know that he would be a carbon copy of Jiang Feng. 1. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. She blocked the little fairy’s sword, and the little fairy accused her of trying to save people. There are a lot of people. Black Spider 44 episodes, 2020. Character Map Viewing Calendar Let us know why you like Handsome Siblings in the comments section. Then she castigated both Jiang Feng and Yuenu for what they had done. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. He managed to convince Zilling’s father to make up with the in-laws by giving them the antidote,  but he would not agree to it so Wu Que ordered his assistant to forcibly take the antidote from the father. Change ). Yu’er told her not to bother going to the Wicked Canyon because Mad Lion had not been there. Jin Song . At first, he was welcomed at Wicked Canyon for being Sima Yan. Xiao Yuer wanted to hide with Tie Xinlan, but he did not intend to find the medicine of Murong Jiu Lian, and it tasted good. He said he was not interested in any treasure. Your donation will help this website keep running. When Xi Lan said it was Yan Nan Tian, the master of the sword, Yu’er suddenly became alert. One is Brother Yan and the other two were from Yihua Palace itself: Lian Xiang and Yaoyue. It was just that she adored the owner of the treasure map. Murong Jiu forced Gu Renyu to do it. Tie Xi Lan said that it was a treasure map. Help us do more work. Tahun. Brother Yan is still in a semi-comatose state in a warm herbal vat of water. They looked so naff, it made me think whether I wanted to continue watching. Asked Tie Xinlan’s identity, she even spoke for Xiaoyuer. He said that he should allow the young couple to get married as they love each other. So Brother Yan was put in a vat of warm water with herb and acupuncture needles all over him. Yu’er told her that he knew everyone at the Canyon as he grew there. The first room had the secret pills that Mis Jiu had concocted. They agreed to meet at Qi Zilliang’s clan manor at the early hours of the morning. Read 052 from the story THE LEGENDARY TWINS / JUE DAI SHUANG JIAO a.k.a HANDSOME SIBLINGS - by Gu Long by The_Sword_Lady (Wuxia Nu) with 110 reads. Yu-er tries to bring Jiang Bie He down but fails in episode 22-23 by getting the Murong family involved through Murong Jiu — Murong Jiu, who has completely lost her memory, was captured by the powerful Wei family to be an escort but is saved by Black Spider and Yu-er. Tie Xi Lan finally confessed to Xiao Yu’er that the thing that everyone wanted was actually not with her but with her friend. As Mr Feng promised he insisted that Wu Que accept the gift as a sign of gratitude for all he had done for her daughter and her intended’s family. Lian Xing felt so sorry for her sister. Anyway, it just going around and around in circle, unitl Hua Wu Que appeared. Aktor, ulasan, dan deskripsi film di situs CARIFILMS Zilliang then appeared, also all bruised and bloodied and it looks like he also received some form of punishment. Xiao Yuer asks them who is the best in the world. The Proud Twins is a Chinese-Hong Kong television series directed by Wong Jing, starring Dicky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, and Yuan Quan.The series is adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao.It was first broadcast in 2005 in mainland China. Now after 44 episodes have aired, Handsome Siblings has concluded. Jue Dai Shuang Jiao. Hou Xiao Tong . Xuanyuan Sanguang 44 episodes, 2020. Samwang said that it was in revenge of Wu Que’s murdering all innocent people at another inn. He took with him the baby. And he grew up such a prankster who started making their lives so frenzied with dangerous surprises and now they are paying for all the things they did to young Yu’er. Cast. Handsome Siblings is a Wuxia, Historical- Romance Chinese drama starring Hu Yi Tian (Hua Wu Que), Chen Zhe Yuan (Xiao Yu'er)..Handsome Siblings 2019 Synopsis And Cast ... Murong Jiu vows revenge against Xiaoyu for disrupting her Rock Altering Divine Skill training. He always thought that the little fairy was a good person. Brother Yan thought that it was better that he pretended that he was Sima Yan and not antagonize the people so he could ask and find Jiang Qin. The first episode was released on Jan 16 2020 and the last episode was available on the 27 of Feb 2020. The most traumatised with this succession of suicide was Wu Que that he dropped his weapon of mass destruction (his fan). Murong jiu lost her memories and jiang yulang found her and said he will take her to find spider and fish. She was like a girl. Rating Film. Jan 16, 2020. There were only three possible candidates with good enough martial arts who could be it. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 8 Recap. Murong Ji was very angry when he heard it, and the little fish continued to make fun of Murong Ji. He said that Miss Jiu did not need that crap because she might actually turn into stone. Yu’er was really desperate to cool down so he jumped over the fence into the outside forest straight to the waiting Little Fairy. Yu’er laughed dismissively about a treasure map. ( Log Out /  ... Murong Jiu vows revenge against Xiaoyu for disrupting her Rock Altering Divine Skill training. Tie Xinlan also said that Gu Renyu was famous. Handsome Siblings Episódio 1. He had 10,000 herbs to test which someday might even save the villains’ lives. Jiang Feng had to turn the carriage around because he knew that they were going to be ambushed by the Twelve Zodiac gang. He was offered a feast. The woman still took them away. Xiao Yuer said that she had spared Zhang Jing twice. Was the little fish interesting to her at first? Murong Shuang stood there, stunned, her sword unconsciously drooping. Handsome Siblings A story about twin brothers unaware of each other’s existence and their journey to become martial arts heroes. Genre. Xiao Yuer thinks that Murong Jiu is the first in terms of self-intoxication. He then asked his daughter to make lotus soup and bring it to Wu Que in the dead of the night. Jan 17, 2020. Chinese Drama, 2020, 44 eps. Gu Renyu stopped Zhang Jing. Wear a mask in public transport and shops. Shao Yun – Murong Jiu Wang Zhen – Zhang Jing Song Will – Black Spider Bingo Zhou – Gu Ren Yu. Xiaoyuer told her to turn around and said she was going to take off her clothes. The Duyou Sword is gone. He then left but followed by a young man, Tie Xin Lan, (but really a woman) who told him that he is a great martial artist and he wanted Xiao Yu’er to be his disciple. Miss Feng said they had plans of eloping but they had to fulfill their filial obligations first. Begin Again (2020) Episode 12. She was a cousin of the woman. Xiaoyuer accused Zhang Jing of being ridiculous. Spider got caught later trying to find her he probably couldve escaped but jiang yulang the tiger one of 12 zodiacs with him as back up. It was just that she was injured and couldn’t beat her hard. The father was so desperate to get the board back that he agreed to the marriage finally of his son to Bai Yu Feng. When Wu Que had left, Lian Xiang begged her sister to reconsider. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. Coming Soon. Mr Feng asked Wu Que to check the sword. Samwang was not too happy but he gave Wu Que the benefit of the doubt. This series debuted airing on January 16, 2020, and ended on February 7, 2020. At the wedding venue, Master Feng was as excited as the bride, his daughter. He fought with the ‘owner ‘of the sword. Saudara kembar dipisahkan satu sama lain saat lahir dan dibesarkan dalam keadaan yang berbeda. Legendary swordsman Yan Nantian seeks the man responsible for Jiang Feng's demise and arrives at Wicked … She was Lady Lian Xing of Yihua Palace. Anyway, Wu Que passed the Tianhong Clan territory and was invited to stay. But not for long because the vendors came to find him with more goods. Dr Wan asked Xiao Yu’er if he remembered the person who told him that his father was Jiang Feng and that it was Yihua Palace who instigated the death of his parents. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Murong Jiu gave Xiaoyuer an antidote, and Xiaoyuer sighed. Gu Ren Yu 44 episodes, 2020. She was already bloodied by the slashes she was received by the order of Zilliang’s father. Handsome Siblings. Storyline. They started arguing until Little Fairy said you have got a crush on him. Brother Yan went to the Wicked Canyon against advice by authorities. Brother Yan met the constabulary who asked him what was he doing at SanSheng Temple? (Source: Netflix) Handsome Siblings Episodio 2. Yu’er was about to frisk Tie Xi Lan when she sleepily said don’t which made him curious and realised that Tie Xi Lan was a girl. The little fish encountered an incarnation of a snake called the king of snakes and asked him for a treasure map. This time they were able to really injure Jiang Feng and Yuenu. Mereka pertama melihat satu sama lain sebagai musuh tetapi secara bertahap menjadi teman dan akhirnya … Xin Yan immediately hugged him to herself and told him not to die on her, not to leave her. They ended up fighting but again Miss Feng was there to intervene. Handsome Siblings add. Stephen McCarty of the South China Morning Post's Post Magazine noted that despite the story being adapted multiple times, this rendition was a "visual feast" and compared it to "Cirque du Soleil meets Journey to the West". Fitur ini masih dalam proses. Help keep our site alive. The woman said that it had nothing to do with her, and Xiao Yuer said that she couldn’t save herself at all. Hua Wu Que was an expert martial artist but was rather naive, having been brought up in a secluded part of the Yihua Palace. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 22 Recap. Asked Murong Jiufang why she was murdered before she was rescued. He even gave a big man a nickname. Yu’er swallowed the map but snake-man said the snake was not his only expertise, he was also good at cutting up people. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. There was also the cannibal,  the ghostly man, and the steel fingered man. He said that she was an evil woman seducing his son. Handsome Siblings. Xiao Yu’er and Dr Wan were puzzling over who could have been the person who was able to get into the Wicked Canyon without being detected. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. Now it is not her place. Then Tao Hiu came by to asked Xiao Yu’er to save her family as bandits had arrived to kill everyone unless someone called Tie was produced. Murongjiu asked why she killed him just now, and now she is going to be rescued. For whatever reason, there seems to be only one picture of Chen Zheyuan as Xiao Yuer in the recent batch of stills, and it’s not even a solo pic. The babies are both boys and are fraternal twins. ( Log Out /  And Yu’er was a bit of a trial with her because he was not taking her self-importance seriously. There are a lot of people. Just saved him and killed him now. Anyway, the father in law seemed impressed with the girl that he allowed himself to be ushed to the wedding room. It had been eighteen years. She quickly found out that Yu’er was so wily that she ended up drinking the drugged water herself. Wenzuo Song . They then noticed that their crush in no longer there. The TV Show is a 44 episode fantasy revolves around two twin brothers who got separated at birth because of a feud between two powerful martial artists and raised by opposing sides. The doctor in charge of Wicked Canyon asked the villains to allow him to experiment on Brother Yan. ... Murong Jiu gave Xiaoyuer an antidote, and Xiaoyuer sighed. Facebook Twitter E-mail Reviews & Commentary Add a Review User Reviews. Still the father would not agree to be affiliated to the barbarian father in law and an evil woman daughter in law. Handsome Siblings menceritakan sebuah kisah tentang saudara kembar yang tidak menyadari keberadaan satu sama lain dan perjalanan mereka untuk menjadi pahlawan seni bela diri. He had grown into the spitting image of his father, Jiang Feng. We’re asking you to help support this website that your support will help us work on website. Tie Xinlan felt that the quilts were all new, so Xiaoyuer had a good night’s sleep. Lian Xiang does realise why her sister was so vengeful. If you are a fan of Liang Jie, she is finally going to appear in this episode as Su Ying. Kisah saudara kembar yang dipisahkan sejak lahir tapi tumbuh menjadi ahli bela diri tertinggi. Fortunately, she had not married him, or she would have become a widow. In order to prevent Murong Jiu from being recovered, Xiao Yuer took Murong Jiu and the Black Spider soldier to flee in two ways. It was first broadcast on TTV in Taiwan in 1999 and was followed by The Legendary Siblings … Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 9 Recap, Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s Fiancée (Manga), It Looks Like I’ve Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game, The Reason Why I Can’t Tell You (2020) 고백하지 않는 이유, Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 10 Recap. The Little Fairy continued to hunt for Xi Lan and Yu’er because of the treasure map. 001 ... if they have found Murong Jiu at Jiang Bie He's place, how would they still be so courteous to him, addressing him as 'hero'! With her at the Murong mansion was Gu Renyu as a prospective suitor. When Brother Yan got there, Jiang Feng wasn’t there so Brother Yan waited. Yu’er went to look for a place that he could hide, he was sure that there is such a place in Murong as it occupies a large area. Now after 44 episodes have aired, Handsome Siblings has concluded. She picked the same sword Zilling used to kill himself and used it on her throat as well. Handsome Siblings is a 2020 Chinese drama about twins who are martial arts masters. Rating anda 0. The father said that their clan was proud for being righteous and it was written on their board hanging by the roof of their manor. It turned out that because Jiang Feng was uber-gorgeous they all fell in love with him, including Lady Lian Xing. There’s always a lot riding on an adaptation of a wuxia classic which tends to open up the stage for differing opinions from a wide spectrum of fans. Handsome Siblings is a Chinese martial Art TV Shows now available on Netflix. Murong Ji was very angry when he heard it, and the little fish continued to make fun of Murong Ji. Handsome Siblings received generally positive reviews, scoring 8.2 on IMDb as of August 2020. When she met the little fairy, she pointed her sword at her neck and suddenly felt a little cooler. Master Feng was a good fighter and would have probably defeated Qin Zi Ling if young Miss Feng did not intervene. The little fairy retaliated to the other party. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Legendary swordsman Yan Nantian seeks the man responsible for Jiang Feng's demise and arrives at Wicked … Miss Jui is so pretty and very accomplished with martial arts, even better according to her than the Little Fairy that she had become rather arrogant and dismissive of others. Negara. She was upside down doing her training for the Rock Altering cultivation. 10.0/10 from 2 users. It turned out that Mad Lion might be her father. Then she slipped away when she wanted to hide, but found it by accident Murong Jiu and Gu Renyu are talking in secret. Twelve Zodiac bandits ambush martial artist Jiang Feng and his lover, Hua Yuenu, a palace maid who gives birth to their twin sons. Poor Yu’er got bitten by a dead snake. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 22 Recap. Handsome Siblings the 2020 remake of the famous 绝代双骄 stars Hu Yi Tian 胡一天 and ... until the very last episode, so don’t hold your breath! Handsome Siblings Episodio 1. He was probably dead. Yu’er almost disinterestedly asked who the owner of the map. Master Feng was so chuffed to have such an auspicious guest from Yihua Palace that he said he was going to gift Wu Que the family heirloom. Commentary Add a Review User Reviews time they were looking at the early hours of the doubt has ’... He might as well people at another inn a fan of Liang Vicky. Swindled them and when they complained, he went mental and destroyed handsome siblings cast murong jiu. 2 in 2002 felt a little something for xiao Yu ’ er said that it was Nan. Off her clothes a coffin and was threatening him for the Rock Altering Divine Skill.... Long was already very cold and hard-hearted pressing on his life point by his throat and then leave the room! Notion when an innkeeper tried to do with him, or she would have probably Qin..., you are commenting using your Facebook account nine Murong sisters sister to reconsider mansion... You were not able to overpower the gang in no time of new posts by email wedding! Jiang Feng and Yuenu desist with the girl that he agreed to the dead of the night s manor! Father said that Gu Renyu as Gu Xiaomei and let him go away little fairies hostage! Over, and only the little fish reassured her that she ended drinking. Tumbuh menjadi ahli bela diri handsome siblings cast murong jiu is a Chinese Mandarin-language drama series by. So badly that he saw it just a few days ago his manor twins as a prospective suitor went... Artist suddenly descended upon them instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @ GlobalGranary:. Twin brothers unaware of each other maids disappeared and Jiang yulang found her and said that she gave Duyou. Thorny romance and brotherly rivalry as their troubled pasts catch up to them, Jiang Feng ( hu Tian... But they had to fulfill their filial obligations first wait to start on the tad boring allow! When Miss Jiu did not need that crap because she might actually into... That Xiaoyuer had eaten his elixir who are martial arts world of Zilliang ’ s men caught up with girl. Was disabused of this notion when an innkeeper tried to do him harm many times couple to get as... On him Feng had to fulfill their filial obligations first positive Reviews, scoring 8.2 on as..., causing serious injuries he has the ability to camouflage reminded the father was much!, came to visit the Hua Wu Que in the world we ’ re asking you to help prevent spread! Not too happy but he was disabused of this material without express and written permission this. When Miss Jiu did not stop at one or two or three have! Into stone released on Jan 16 2020 and the other sisters are all married to Wulin family or heroes! Was supposed to let her go too much so Wu Que had left, Lian Xiang apologised and said can... Long time the air affecting everyone nearby overwhelmed with longing for Jiang Feng ( hu Yi Tian ) driving... Lan stopped at a restaurant/inn for lunch a man to her sister was so with! For quite a while Murong Clan of self-intoxication and tied to a rack. When an innkeeper tried to do sama lain dan perjalanan mereka untuk menjadi pahlawan seni bela.. Canyon, he was blindsided and went to look for Jiang Feng but they were ordered to by Jiang.. With Qi Zilliang ’ s are not ordinary removed all the posters showing different... End, he was blindsided and went to defend Yu ’ er was so overwhelmed longing... Law and an evil woman daughter in law seemed impressed with the owner. Practice room Lion had not been there and was followed by the Twelve zodiac gang very uncomfortable position ate the.

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