You can roll your eyes forever, or you can just go read the novel that made so much fuss and soak up all its insights about being a woman navigating a hostile world. Introduce the genre of Modern Feminist Literature by offering exemplary works by Kate Chopin, Elizabeth Perkins Gilman, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Virginia Woolf. She attacks male thinker a… Diana Walker / Hulton Archive / Getty Images. Although the literary world still has its fair share of sexism and white dudebro authors running around, the fact is that if you're a feminist looking for books that re-center female experiences or make important points about sexism, we are living in something of a golden era. Watch. The book deals with a lot of heavy issues — poverty, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and institutionalized racism, to name a few — and its story is sure to stay with readers long after the final page, along with Walker's strong voice, and her messages about black womanhood. History’s 10 Most Famous Feminists 10. Living a Feminist Life by Sara Ahmed; Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the rise of raunch culture by Ariel Levy; Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay; Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit; All the Single Ladies: Unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation by Rebecca Traister; Why I Am Not a Feminist: A feminist manifesto by Jessica Crispin For the purposes of this list, a feminist writer is one whose works of fiction, autobiography, poetry, or drama highlighted the plight of women or societal inequalities that women struggled against. And read on, feminists of the world. Meghan began her radio career in 2007 in a trailer in the middle of a sheep field. But considering it was groundbreaking and way ahead of its time, I'll give it a place on the list, anyway. The narrative that emerges from the various notebooks examines war, communism, and the early women's liberation movements. It's a powerful novel about finding your voice, one that will affect readers of all ages. Need more help? R29 Stories & News. This new book collects 35 years of writings—on literature, on loss, on femininity, on teaching—from feminist scholar and activist Ann Snitow. She completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012. Penny, a prolific writer and columnist, takes on feminism and class politics in her latest book, which addresses a range of subjects from online dating, eating disorders, and mental health to … Margaret Atwood's famous dystopian novel is set in a nightmarish future under the rule of a theocracy where women are completely subordinate to men. Payment is $75-$100 for essays (800-1,300 words). Pages in category "Feminist writers" The following 138 pages are in this category, out of 138 total. Patrons who contribute comments are asked to read our Policy on Patron-Generated Web Content. They don't just provide a lot of food for feminist thought or represent important expressions of womanhood, they're also just great novels, told by some incredibly talented writers whose work deserves to be read and reread for years to come. A mission to unearth forgotten female writers became a full-fledged publishing house. It's a powerhouse of a novel that I think is a must read for anyone, but feminists in particular. What is a feminist writer?The definition has changed over time, and in different generations, it can mean different things. Her existential awakening drives the stories and scandalized 19th century readers, and is an early feminist novel that modern feminists shouldn't miss. All rights reserved. It's unfortunately rare (though certainly not impossible) for a male authors to do a truly good job writing women, so it's my opinion that the exceptions should be encouraged. reply | flag * message 37: by Gabriela (new) Dec 31, 2015 04:16PM. From the 1700s to the 2010s, literature is studded with spectacular works of fiction, theory, and criticism all revolving around one thing: feminism. Meghan Murphy is a Canadian writer and commentator. The tongue-in-cheek humor had me laughing out loud with sections like “How To Take Up More Space, But Not Too Much Space” and “How to Do More with 23 Cents Less”. Since then she has also published  Moranthology (2012), How To Build a Girl (2014), and most recently, Moranifesto (2016). Read our guide to using SimplyE. Ilavenil Meena Kandasamy is a poet, fiction writer, activist and currently one of India’s boldest and most badass young voices. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi … Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug, 1980. And it’s not going away. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. 1934 - Feminist and journalist, Gloria Steinem was a key figure in the women's movement from 1969. Founder and Editor: Meghan Murphy Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist, and is the founder and editor of Feminist Current. Please remove Twilight or other codependency glorifying books. Feel free to share recommendations in the comments below. *Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. However, Latin American feminism’s progress has differed from that of the rest of the Western world. Writer, social commentator, feminist author: 1940–1999: Haleh Afshar, Baroness Afshar: … ... 20 Clever Tokens To Gift That Writer In Your Life. Although Doris Lessing, before her death just last year, always maintained she never intended her iconic 1962 novel to be a "feminist Bible," people are still calling it one four decades later. One may ask Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the authors who wrote about feminism, advocates in herA Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) that women must be treated equally because they have to play a crucial and vital role in society especially bringing up children. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a TEDTalk titled “The Danger of a Single Story” in 2009 which was about her nationality and people’s perceptions that there is one kind of African and her own perception that there is one kind of American. Roxane Gay's debut novel is amazing, from its opening line to its last. Germaine Greer (/ ɡ r ɪər /; born 29 January 1939) is an Australian writer and public intellectual, regarded as one of the major voices of the radical feminist movement in the latter half of the 20th century.. by Laura Stein, Adult Services Librarian, Grand Central Library, Click to learn about accessibility at the Library, My New Gender Workbook: A step-by-step guide to achieving world peace through gender anarchy and sex positivity, The Crunk Feminist Collection: essays on hip-hop feminism, in conversation at the NYPL Schomburg Center, 365 Books by Women Authors to Celebrate International Women’s Day All Year, If you're looking for novels with a feminist bent then you cannot go wrong with anything from. Meghan Murphy. The Feminist Press at CUNY has an incredible list of books that they reprint and new authors that they publish. They pay $250 to $550 for features, $175 to $210 for news, $75 for reviews. Ann Snitow, The Feminism of Uncertainty: A Gender Diary. Feminist Current Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada About Blog A blog by Meghan Murphy, brings a progressive, feminist perspective on everything from pop culture to politics, from hot-off-the-press news stories to cultural trends. It follows a New Orleans wife and mother who begins questioning her narrowly defined role in life after experiencing attraction to another man. And if that's not enough to convince you, Adichie herself is a pretty awesome feminist. The biggest take away from the novel is usually its points about reproductive freedom (and understandably so), but it's also about how women exercise agency and deal with adversity, even under heavy restrictions. Discover. Maya Angelou's memoir is a masterpiece. Thank you. The criteria ought to be not whether xxx was a feminist or ought to be viewed as one---but is she/he one of the best?! Everyone knows that some of the best books out there right now are actually young adult novels, so if you're looking for a novel that deals with serious issues affecting young people, look no further than Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, a story about a teenage girl who was sexually assaulted and who feels like there isn't anyone she can reach out to for help. Read on. Kushner's confident prose and her narrator's interest in "man stuff" (despite often being written off as just someone's leggy girlfriend) actually caused one reviewer to all but accuse Kushner of mansplaining and to say her writing was too "macho." With your library card, it's easier than ever to choose from more than 300,000 e-books on SimplyE, The New York Public Library's free e-reader app. This political and cultural analysis encapsulates in an elegant 90 pages Morrison's thinking, whose relevance reaches far beyond literary criticism. Here, we rounded up the best feminist … Mary Wollstonecraft (1759- 1797) was an English writer and feminist philosopher who … The Round House by Louise Erdrich. Adichie's talent is bringing out often underrepresented voices from the feminist movement to the foreground, reminding us that we're all in this together. Rob Stothard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, who might need a little guidance on women-penned lit, Adichie herself is a pretty awesome feminist, early reviews called Lessing a "man-hater,". As of right now Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the most famous feminist writers of the 21st century specializing in intersectional feminism. Namely, her writing serves to highlight the ways these three factors interact, and she asserts that they are driving forces of oppression within society. Feminist women writers still strive to uphold the rights of women through their works like poems and novels. Williams wrote the foreword but I’m waiting for her to release her own book—keep us posted, Jessica! Must add British Turkish author Elif Shafak in your list. Her strength and her unforgettable voice make this a book (like all her books) that no person should miss out on. Mary Wollstonecraft. From ancient authors to pop stars and the teenagers, we’ve narrowed down a list of some of the greatest, most famous feminists in history. Alice Walker is a powerhouse of a writer, and her 1982 novel is a classic for a reason. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: ... articles which bring in current research and a clear feminist perspective. Louise Erdrich's most recent in an impressive string of novels, The Round House is a coming of age novel about a teenage boy on a Native American reservation whose mother is raped. Robinson is very in touch with popular culture so the essays comment on her own experience as well as what is presented in the media. The novel follows the lives of two women in Afghanistan, and provides a glimpse into the lives of women in periods of monumental change and under one of the most oppressive government regimes in modern history. Rest in Power, Maya Angelou. One of the first lines of the introduction is that Moran didn’t used to write about politics and feminism because she thought that was for the Serious Political or Professional Feminist People. For more OK — I'm getting a little creative with this one. Writers must provide 3 photos to accompany their submissions. It has risen and fallen with the tides of feminism. One of those new books is The Crunk Feminist Collection: essays on hip-hop feminism. The narrator in The Flamethrowers is an aspiring filmmaker on the 1970s New York art scene who bursts into the reader's imagination riding a motorcycle down the highway way too fast. Your support means the world. It's been a place for women to do so on their own terms, not through male intermediaries. Fiction of which feminism* is a primary theme. Best Feminist Books To Read, Womens History Month 2018. She presents all too familiar anecdotes to illustrate her points. The New York Public Library is a 501(c)(3) | EIN 13-1887440, Patron-generated content represents the views and interpretations of the Kate Bornstein has been an LGBTQ pioneer since the 1980s when she had “the surgery” and in 2013 her very important book My Gender Workbook: How to become a real man (1998) was updated and rebranded as My New Gender Workbook: A step-by-step guide to achieving world peace through gender anarchy and sex positivity. There are many diverse feminist voices writing right now. In it she describes everything from growing up poor in the rural South to sexual abuse to a teen pregnancy and yet the novel is ultimately, somehow, uplifting and moving. A TEDx talk in 2012 she titled “We Should All Be Feminists” (maybe you’ve heard a clip of it in Beyonce’s “Flawless”) was then adapted to a very small book so that we can all carry her words around. Followers. Stories about people challenging and overcoming gender roles, sexism, discrimination, etc. Her very manageable short essays are wildly political and feminist from page 103-184, but you should read the rest because she’s also just very funny. CONTRIBUTE TODAY. Facebook 32,626 Fans. We said: In this award-winning memoir, Yrsa Daley-Ward – poet, model and activist – shares the moving and heartbreaking story of how a childhood spent in the north-west of England became an adulthood in which she discovered the power and fear of sexuality. The novel's innovative structure involves four notebooks kept by the protagonist Anna Wulf, who uses each notbook for a different purpose. If you don’t have an NYPL library card, New York State residents can apply for a digital card online or through SimplyE (available on the App Store or Google Play). Robinson recently published a collection of her essays called You Can’t Touch My Hair about intersectional feminism (key phrase to know) and being black and a woman. In the years that follow, she navigates racial and gender politics in her new home, trying to find her place and her identity while never able to forget the lover she left behind. It is a must-read for every young (or old) person struggling to identify and come to peace with the fluidity of gender identity and sexual orientation. The Awakening might be a bit old to qualify as contemporary fiction given that it was published in 1899. As a young black girl from an impoverished background, Angelou was born with a host of disadvantages that shaped and defined her but never stopped her. Toni Morrison is without question one of the most powerful female voices in contemporary American fiction — or just one of the most powerful voices in general — and her novel Paradise focuses on a small community of women living just outside the all-black town of Ruby, Oklahoma. Laura Bates, writer and feminist activist Laura founded the Everyday Sexism project back in 2012 and it quickly spawned a phenomenon- encouraging women to call out the daily sexism that came their way, and directly challenging the notion that sexism had been eradicated in modern life. If the work we produce here at Feminist Current is work that you value and support, please consider donating. She founded Ms. magazine, starting in 1972.Her good looks and quick, humorous responses made her the media's favorite spokesperson for feminism, but she was often attacked by the radical elements in the … Many feminist women writers who have contributed literature to the society wrote chivalric novels. The issue of Feminism in English Literature is not new but due to patriarchal society, it has been suppressed and overlooked. She is a prominent feminist, founding the "Feminist Current," as well as the host of "The Same Drugs" podcast.Feminists like Murphy oppose radical transgender ideology and bills such as Bill C-16.She has vocally defended women's rights, performing a number of lectures across the country. The novel refocuses the story and makes Bertha, Rochester's crazy wife in the attic, the protagonist and narrator. (And, hey, you might want to pass this list onto your male friend, who might need a little guidance on women-penned lit.). She is a comedian so the essays are humorous even when addressing serious topics of abuse and stigma. That alone makes a powerful statement about who gets to have their story told and which women are worthy of being the center of attention, and Rhys follows through with a short but impactful novel about Bertha and Rochester in the their early days. Kate Millett is an American feminist, activist, and writer who is known for her influence on second-wave feminism — a feminist movement that began in … The novel, as one would expect from Morrison, is masterful, and its focus on the struggles and solidarity of women makes it perfect for feminists searching for a new book. “Feminism is necessary but not sufficient,” she writes in the book’s final essay. Feminism is a growing concern in Latin America, given that this region is said to be the location of around 50% of the world’s femicide victims. You can watch the authors of these essays in conversation at the NYPL Schomburg Center talk about growing up with hip-hop as a soundtrack to their lives and as a jumping off point to understanding all forms of oppression, including sexism. by Elena Nicolaou. The novel explores sexual violence — a particularly common problem on reservations — and the way it arises, the way it affects families and communities, and the way the world often fails the women who experience it, Native women especially. patron, not necessarily those of The New York Public Library. Most Shared Posts . Most of their novels had women protagonist and were based on the glory of women in the world. Plus the early reviews called Lessing a "man-hater," so you know it's worth a read. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Feminists and books go together. Whether feminists are writing books or reading them or both, the literary world has long been a place for women to tell their stories, in both fiction and nonfiction. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Twitter 20,214 Followers. Click Here To Buy. 2 Dope Queens is a popular podcast hosted by Jessica Williams, former correspondent on The Daily Show and Phoebe Robinson. R29 Original Series. An outspoken political activist, writer and social theorist, in 1949 de Beauvoir wrote The Second Sex, an ahead-of-its-time book credited with paving the way for modern feminism. Most of her works are centered on feminism and the Caste Annihilation Movement of the contemporary Indian milieu. International Women's Day is approaching. This list—from books to TEDTalks—will help direct you toward some of these voices. Please make sure the less-informed people in your life realize that this is comedic and you will actually be taking up as much space as you need. Caitlin Moran has been on a roll since her book How To Be A Woman was released in 2011. Over the past generation, more and more female voices have arisen from all walks of life, telling stories their own way. So if you're a feminist looking to broaden your literary horizons, or a lit-lover looking to experience more women-centric fiction, here are 13 novels that can help you on your quest. She is a postmodern feminist thinker and writer whose work focuses on issues of capitalism, race, and gender. As much as I like Jane Eyre, I still think that Jean Rhys's retelling is an essential critique. And in today's literary landscape, that is more true than ever. How To Win at Feminism was published in 2016, authored by women at the popular Onion-type website Reductress. Don't let the word "feminist" deter you—these books are required reading for anybody who believes in equality, freedom, and women's rights. The existence of inequalities between men and women are not natural but social taboo. Your Official Feminist Reading List. This talk focused on how she reconciles her femininity with her feminist ideals and how much work still needs to be done for equality. And Khaled Hosseini's Thousand Splendid Suns is definitely one of the exceptions. Eventually, she felt we should all feel empowered to voice—or write—our opinions. Gay's exploration of wealth, class, and most especially violence and its aftermath is dark yet beautiful, and ought to be on every feminist reading list. Submitted by Huma Saeed (not verified) on December 17, 2020 - 11:45am. In it, the young, wealthy, Haitan American Mireille is kidnapped and held for ransom in Port Au Prince. When our protagonist Ifemelu leaves Nigeria to go to college in America, leaving behind her family and her boyfriend, she had no idea what she would find. information see. Gain access to digital resources for all ages, including e-books, audiobooks, databases, and more. Nobel laureate Morrison is the greatest living philosopher of the racialised imagination, its pervasive effect on culture and why racism can never be separated from gendered inequality. imho. In this novel, Adichie examines how ideas about race, gender, and nationality play out in America, England, and her native Nigeria. Otherwise known as \"the final feminist frontier\", we actually see it more as the first, because without this one down, gender equality is pretty much a no-go. Or we need a Fresh List of Best Feminist Authors. This resource guide offers an overview of feminist literature, its etymology, historical context, favorite quotes, and useful links for further research. The Terrible by Yrsa Daley-Ward (2018). Our feminist foremothers succeeded in getting some women out of the kitchen and into the workplace, but eight out of ten women still say they do more housework than their male partners, and those with dependent children are even more likely to be slaving away.

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