, Gabe: (killed as retribution for intending to dissect and open him), Doreen Norris: (killed out of jealousy for calling Andy her best friend), Dozens of unidentified customers at the toy store wanting Buddi dolls, Instead of being a possessed doll with the soul of a serial killer who practiced voodoo like his. The original Child’s Play really makes us question and fear dolls such as Chucky. He then takes the face and presents it to Andy as a gift. Alias Child's Play is a horror film series made by Don Mancini, featuring a killer doll named Chucky. Realizing it to have been Chucky's doing, Andy regretfully dismembers Chucky alongside Falyn and Pugg. Martha Stewart - Executed off screen. Powers/Skills Child's Play (also called Chucky) is an American horror slasher film series created by Don Mancini and a remake. Victim #2 - Killed-off screen by Chucky, stabbing him in the back with a knife. With encouragement from his new friends Falyn and Pugg, Andy has Chucky sneak up on Shane to scare him while he grabs a beer from the fridge. His eyes are basically blue when he's nice but becomes red when he's angry or evil. Tiffany Valentine | He confides to Chucky that he believes Shane is an asshole and will leave them like everybody else. Alice Pierce - Killed off-screen by a victim when Chucky possessed her. MutilationsKidnappingAnimal crueltyDestruction of property. A Child's Play audience all cosplayed as Chucky, with chilling results By Clark Collis June 20, 2019 at 02:32 PM EDT Unnamed Man - Mauled by a Buddi doll controlled by Chucky. Colonel Cochrane - Suffered from a heart attack when Chucky was attacking him (much to Chucky's surprise since the death was not intended). It was announced back in July 2018 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer due to them still having the rights and concept to the original film. *Resurrected when Mattson put him back together. Baby boy - Glen's soul transferred into his body off-screen by Tiffany. Jane - Trampled by crowds of people. Alice's grandmother - Suffocated to death off-screen by Chucky with a plastic wrap. He loves Andy, and only wants him to be happy. However, Chucky takes control over the store, and hijacks numerous toys—including the other Buddi dolls—to kill off numerous employees and customers, while activating the lockdown sequence to trap everyone inside. Evil-doer Shane | Directed by Lars Klevberg. Joan - Set on fire by Glenda, causing her to fall over the edge of the second floor. The remake of “Child’s Play” was positioned to be one of the more logical reboots of recent years, until they did a bad job of it. Barb Pierce | Gabe - Hacked by a table saw when Chucky heated up the pipe he was holding onto. After blackmailing one of her coworkers at Zed-Mart to get her son Andy an early birthday gift, Karen Barclay presents the Buddi doll to her son. Hobby Chucky | Suddenly, he is kicked off his ladder, the resulting fall rendering both his ankles broken, and Chucky activates the lawnmower, slicing off his face before finishing him off with a knife after saying that it was for Tupac. After he is damaged and deactivated, then recovered and repaired by the resident custodian, Chucky exhibits a personality similar to his original iteration: violent, angry, and sadistic. 19, 2019.Genurile acestui film online sunt: Groază. Eventually, Andy befriends two kids—Falyn and Pugg respectively—through their love of Chucky's behaviors. Child's Play (2019) Coming Soon! Damballa, Curse of Chucky Chucky Hacked In The Head No 5 John Bishop Chucky Crush To Death By a Good Guy Box Yes 6 Doreen Chucky Stabbed In The Eye Yes 7 Folyn Chucky Stabbed With a Knife Yes 8 Detective Willi's Parther Burned Chucky Strangled To Death Yes 9 Chucky Detective Willis Shot in the heart Yes 10 Andy Barclay Chucky Incantation Worked, Soul Swapped Yes 11 Chucky | Chucky is the main antagonist of the 2019 science-fiction horror film Child's Play, which is the reboot of the supernatural slasher film of the same name. Evil Dolls, Be Andy Barclay's best friend no matter the cost, Child's Play (2019) - Buddi Commercial Scene, Top 10 Scariest Child's Play 2019 Moments. In one scene in 1991’s Child’s Play 3, the possessed Chucky dies after being splattered with paint and having its face beaten; a fate similar to Bulger’s.. *Ressurected when Tiffany put him back together. Chucky is a robotic doll with short ginger hair and freckles. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chucky's ability to download his personality into other Buddi dolls is similar to another AI villain voiced by Mark Hamill. John Bishop - Killed when Chucky stabbed a voodoo doll of him. Britney Spears - Her car was rammed by Chucky's car, and fell over a cliff and exploded in a ball of flame. Later, as paramedics tend to Karen, Mike and the other survivors, Andy and his friends further dismember Chucky's body in a nearby alleyway before setting it on fire, destroying him for good. Damballa, Cult of Chucky A remake of the 1988 film of the same name and a reboot of the Child's Play franchise, it follows a family terrorized by a high-tech doll who becomes self-aware and subsequently murderous.The film stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Whenever Shane is with Karen, Andy avoids contact with him and leaves the apartment. Damballa, Seed of Chucky He is also very protective of Andy, targeting Shane and Rooney when they antagonize his owner. Despite being marketed as a "reboot" of the. Chucky then makes Omar his new owner and upon hearing Detective Mike's mother Doreen call Andy her new best friend, Chucky hijacks a Kaslan Car and kills her personally after causing the car to crash.

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