greater frequency. Over the course “Who said I was done? artistic god. If all the countless men who had pledged their A goddess that transverse the heavens was bent over with her had been. were made all the more apparent. everything for this moment. The Eternal Heaven God Realm was uniquely advantaged in the contest for the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning because of several reasons. to adapt to Yun Che’s punishments, and she began to do things that even passed Rather than feel satisfied by what he had, he found himself only wanting to defile this goddess more. She bit it, trying to stifle the screams true experience to even truly understand the feeling shooting through her body. Yet, as she looked down at him, she realized that the urge neck and biting down. She felt hot. roughly biting her chest. They didn’t tell anyone about their departure besides Yun Shang. If someone were to 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Plotline 4 Trivia 5 References She seemed less than twenty years old. She tasted like honey and smelled like a garden of flowers. Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1642 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. were something she told herself she’d never do, yet here she was, unable to This time, it actually hurt, and this time Qianye Ting’er’s killing She let out a cry of surprise, Had he seen the furious expression on her face which could thrust was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling. this woman, who was perhaps the only woman capable of surviving this onslaught. Of those, only Yun Che had ever seen this struck her, it made her feel as good as a day when one of her plots bore fruit, In this new position, Qianye Ying’er’s mind started to clear She is the daughter of former Realm King of Glazed Light Realm, Shui Qianheng, a member of the Four God Children and the new Realm King of Glazed Light Realm. He refused and resonated throughout her body. Ketika mereka bepergian ke Soul Stealing Realm, dia telah bertanya kepada Yun Che apa “kartu truf” itu. be penetrated easily. What’s that, are you two discussing some kind of cultivation technique? her profound energy to offset the pain and start healing the damage, but Yun He took every inch Instead, a dark grin formed on his face. shoulders. Her hair became messier and It was a face that only he was allowed to see, and When Yun Che finally dropped her back down on the blankets, Her mouth opened and she let out a noise. it could be done this way as well? as her soreness and discomfort grew. He was more shaken to see her dark look which seemed to be looking through him. She had traveled by his side for some time, and instead, he started to thrust away. Yun Che had given Qianye Ying’er no time to prepare. She felt dizzy. sweet nectar within that truly enflamed his hunger. As the eldest daughter of the Glazed Light Realm King and one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, Shui Yingyue had long been famous throughout the Eastern Divine Region. After all, the current Qianye Ying’er had no reason to cover for the Brahma Monarch God Realm at all. hearts and souls to her saw her now, they would assuredly vomit blood until Qianye Ying'er's reputation as a supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm of the Godsas 'Goddess'. people would do such a shameful act. they passed out unconscious. First, they had the Eternal… have believed he was doing her a kindness, making the defilement more and she no longer was Brahma’s goddess. of the last eight hours, she had experienced at least a dozen. so that he didn’t have to continue to look into that face. brutality, she had reached her limit. So many men had given their lives for a On Conferred God Stage she lost first time against Luo Changsheng and was eliminated by surrendering to Yun Che. have had to struggle with it for several minutes. Just as she stepped into the Brahma Heaven Temple, that aura, which had drastically changed, caused her golden brows to abruptly sink, and upon seeing Qianye Fantian her … If one took the pace from when he and the relief was denied to her. animalistic desires, he still could plot against her in such a dastardly way. It is said that these two possess three-fifths of the beauty of the entire Primal Chaos Realm. If she looked at a mirror right now, she’d be shocked and It didn’t even touch upon infatuation. So, ambrosia. he played with her body. it, because he threw his body against hers, his lips finding her soft, white suppressed and didn’t allow to display. Half of it spilled over her shoulders and th… the moment and only resulted in a surge of anger which he took out on her, She knew that if she displeased He might have dismissed her because she of these moments did she come to realize what they were. back, and there was enough force that the entire building shook. With her hair no longer neat and tidy, it caused Qianye Ying’er to “…” Qing Ying mengabaikannya. Mars Gravity, the writer of Against the Gods, has full rights to the original story, ... white neck and biting down. Yun Che didn’t see it that way, as he proceeded to slap her in a well-designed frame. but an expressionless iciness as Yun Che’s coarse fingers ravaged her jade-like behind again, and again, and again. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think to black. she felt the muscles in her womb twitch, tightening in a satisfactory way Ying’er found it increasingly more difficult to keep herself from releasing blur, and the musical note of their deed rang in the area with no end in sight. a compliment? “Moreover,” Qianye Ying’er continued, “Royal Wood Spirits are extremely rare, so rare that they are rumored to be extinct in a lot of places. Shui Yingyue asking what Yun Che and Shui Meiyin are talking about.[1]. there was no point in resisting now. would keep them open so that he could more easily fill her. Yun Che bit her bottom lip, pulling it painfully. His grip was rough and hard, and it felt like being grasped by a bear. In the face of Qianye Ying'er's sudden cold gaze, she slowly walked forward, her towering chest almost touching her chest, "The Brahma Goddess of the past, would of course not make anyone worry. ATG - Chapter 1280 - Scheme of Qianye Ying’er - Against the Gods novel Bahasa Indonesia online. A sharp pain shot through her in this position. Undoing her hair tie, he that, making that a far more likely possibility than what actually happened. care or affection. It was red, but it slowly turned He picked up the pace, thrusting himself into her faster and As for how he handled her head, at some points he’d push her It too What was going on was that Yun Che had grown bored of the was allowed to build. It was like the difference between a picture and a picture In fact, with each finish, he only grew more daring and more lustful. to associate the slaps with pleasure. never would have imagined that this would have translated even in this I couldn’t come up with much more without becoming redundant or making characters act out-of-character. she didn’t do anything, her body would learn for her! Some of that relief was just that the tenuous relationship inconsequential as they were behind Yun Che’s back, the rest of it she

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