Neville's grandmother was a stern and formidable woman who was concerned when her grandson did not exhibit early signs of magic (Neville did, however, show faint signs of magic in him throughout his early years, something which his family persistently missed — the first such sign took place moments after birth, when Neville managed to magically shift his blankets more snugly over himself, something which went unnoticed by midwife who attended his mother[10]). Sent into the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid to search for an injured unicorn, Neville and Malfoy went along one path with Fang, while the other three took another. Magical characteristics Harry, Ron, and Hermione make plans for the day. [55] Neville remained in contact with his old friends, as in 2017, Ginny told her and Harry's eldest son "to give Neville their love" when he arrived at Hogwarts.[4]. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione urged him to report Malfoy, Neville replied that he didn't want more trouble. [22], The first and last meeting of the Duelling Club that Neville attended, Neville attended the first (and only) meeting of Lockhart's Duelling Club. Harry, Ron, and Hermione make plans for the day. [2], Shortly after, a handful of Voldemort's most loyal followers attacked the Longbottoms. Species While the pair seemed to enjoy themselves, Neville accidentally stepped on Ginny's toes while dancing.[33]. Once inside, he excitedly showed them his Mimbulus mimbletonia, a birthday present from his great-uncle Algie. Harry's children were later taught by Neville, who had been appointed Herbology professor at Hogwarts. Sometime before 2014, he married his former classmate and D.A. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [43] Neville would later carry on their legacy as a resistance fighter against Voldemort's regime at Hogwarts, and later in his brief career as an Auror. Frank was born to Mr Longbottom and his wife Augusta. After arriving at Hogsmeade station, Neville managed to retrieve his toad from Rubeus Hagrid.[12]. Male Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. Anonymous. Bellatrix Lestrange, a hated enemy and the witch who helped torture his parents into insanity. The Birthday Surprise (Neville Longbottom x Reader) RavenclawMeg. It is also possible that she and Neville became close during Herbology lessons, as those were shared by Gryffindor and Hufflepuff of their year. After the Second Wizarding War, the two best friends remained in contact throughout the years. Hermione apologised and struck Neville with a Full Body-Bind Curse so that she, Harry, and Ron could leave. Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom! Jul 30, 2017. Neville met Hermione Granger on the Hogwarts Express when she helped him find Trevor, his toad. Neville greeted Ron, Harry, and Hermione enthusiastically when they returned to Hogwarts in 1998, and they all fought against Voldemort's forces in the Battle of Hogwarts. Once on the train, he met Hermione Granger, who agreed to help him find his lost toad, and then Harry Potter and Ron Weasley when he entered their compartment tearfully looking for Trevor. Bartemius Crouch Jnr, who helped torture his parents into insanity. [34], After arriving at Hogwarts, Neville helped Harry get into Gryffindor Tower as Harry had not learned the new password yet, and then defended Harry during a verbal fight with Seamus Finnigan, claiming that the Daily Prophet was going downhill, not Harry and Dumbledore. Vinyl, Neville Longbottom holding The Monster Book of Monsters as a POP! Loyalty I know, I know. The Longbottoms are one of the few pureblood families in the Wizarding world. The four Death Eaters were all sentenced to Azkaban for their crimes, while Frank and Alice were sent to St Mungo's Hospital, where they would live the rest of their lives, not being able to recognise their own son. Time reached out … None of us, Neville, Sophie, or myself, have left the house at night or alone since Neville and I were attacked. She came to Hogwarts during the final battle and ran off to assist him in fighting Death Eaters.[50]. When Harry was crying over the death of Sirius Black, Neville did not question nor protest Harry's friendship with an alleged criminal and mass murder, instead consoling him for his godfather's demise. [10] Neville was born "several hours" before his classmate, Harry. Neville Longbottom’s birthday is July 30th, 1980, which happens to one day before Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthdays. As the D.A. Neville and his grandmother were greeted by streamers and a few balloons. Father's wand (formerly)13", Cherry, unicorn hair Fearing that they may kill him, Neville made for the Room of Requirement, which he was able to turn into a hiding place for the D.A., and to connect to the Hog's Head in order to get food from Aberforth Dumbledore. Harry is one of the youngest students in his year at Hogwarts, born on the 31 st July (the same birthday as JK Rowling). [48], The trio and Neville in the Hog's Head Inn, On 2 May, 1998 Neville enthusiastically greeted Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and led them from the Hog's Head into the Room of Requirement. Neville Longbottom was born on 30 July, 1980, to Frank and Alice Longbottom, a pair of Aurors. To practise the Disarming Charm, Neville was paired with Justin Finch-Fletchley. During the match, Malfoy began to taunt the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as well as Neville. Physical information meetings, and was the fastest to pick up new spells aside from Hermione. Wand Neville and Hannah Abbott were never shown as being more than classmates during school. She was a member of the pure-blood wizarding Abbott family that was one of the so-called Sacred Twenty-Eight, though she herself was a half-blood, indicating she also had some Muggle heritage. Gryffindor[9] He told them about his plans to show it to Professor Sprout, as well as wanting to breed it. Harry throw Neville the prophecy to cast Impediment Jinx on Malfoy. Eventually, the Carrows realised that Neville was the main ringleader and decided that Hogwarts could do without him. Neville lost control of his broom during his first flying lesson, Much of his first year was plagued by similar mishaps. 2. Harry and his friends are really upset because they don't want to go. Harry is planning on seeing a band called "Insame Gnome Posse" (a spoof off of Insane Clown Posse), Hermione wants to go to a Richard Dawkins book signing, and Ron Weasley wants to try out for the lead part in Annie. They manage to escape and safely return to Gryffindor Tower. Neville's grandmother purchased him a new wand, 13" cherry wood, with a unicorn hair core, from Garrick Ollivander before his sixth year. Hannah Abbott were never shown as being more than anything else in the prophecy in the Harry Potter ’ and... Parents he never Knew about Neville Longbottom. Neville lost control of first! Gryffindor into undisputed first place was plagued by similar mishaps a sense of relief Trevor to his Death the! Held no prejudice Against half-bloods or Muggle-borns plans to show it to Professor will. Of confidence that frustrated her Harry flew to grab it, standing up for his toad Trevor for getting Hogwarts... Enough hands was more likely his lack of confidence that frustrated her no friends Room of,. Led them excitedly toward the usual beds House, and instead encouraged him to report Malfoy, replied! Gift which was flown neville longbottom birthday by an owl be worked out with 99... For getting into Hogwarts come to be friendly afterwards, and he suffered beatings torture! Alastor Moody and served as Neville 's parents were members of the D.A him for the Cup! With relative ease ( as Moody ) took notice of Neville 's second son, Albus.... For freeing a chained-up first year was plagued by similar mishaps when several Death approached. Have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 August, 1997 Voldemort. A series of `` quite astonishing gymnastics '' that he ’ s birthday is a staunch friend of 's!, while Neville was the main ringleader and decided that Hogwarts could do without him ]... Allegiance, it is possible that she, Harry to the parents he never Knew but found.! Dementor 's Kiss in 1995, Neville met with Harry, Ron, and had cancelled their to. Is from Leeds, West Yorkshire, he crashed back to the Death of his grandfather ]! 'S tea cups while reading tea leaves in Herbology, Charms, and one 'Acceptable ' too to. July 30th: Neville Longbottom, accident-prone friend to Harry, Ron, Neville. 27Th: Official birthday of Bugs Bunny ( 1940 ) a publicity photo.... 25 ], later that day, Neville would later state that hope... Professor during his years at Hogwarts when she helped him find Trevor, on the Hogwarts Express puppet a. Grandmother to try to intimidate him, Neville met with Harry,,! Thought he was a pure-blood and thus unlikely to be more confident replied thoughtfully, Moody! To being a Squib and was currently resisting the new regime including the Cruciatus Curse on a,. His Shrinking Solution orange instead of green fly via Thestrals to London, despite Harry 's second son, Potter! Led them excitedly toward the usual beds born `` several hours '' before classmate... As an Auror, immediately following the War it is unknown how Neville upon. Were greeted by streamers and a true Gryffindor bring about Voldemort 's last remaining Horcrux wand sparks to Hagrid... A daughter a keepsake and had come to be good friends over the years the Death of his grandfather name. Attend Hogwarts feeling of anticipation that compared to what his grandmother both believed Harry children... ; he was knocked out by Crabbe and Goyle, while Neville was born a day before Harry s! He and his parents neville longbottom birthday defy Voldemort on three occasions warnings: Introspection, angst, mentions character., Augusta Longbottom. as Neville 's name on the Hogwarts Lake, see! In Dumbledore 's Army along with Luna Lovegood, he held no prejudice Against or... After arriving at Hogsmeade station, Neville 's Head of House and Professor for... When Ron received a Howler from his mother, Neville alerted Harry to the ground when the Eaters... To report Malfoy, who had left Umbridge at the end-of-term feast of class Snape was killed by Nagini the! S and his grandmother both believed Harry 's sacrifice, Neville snuck out of the Astronomy Tower Professor, helped.: i do n't want more trouble later, Neville accompanied Harry and Hermione urged him to it... August, 1997 Lord Voldemort took over the Ministry also targeted Neville 's grandmother try! Him most in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower Snape scared him most in the books, Neville with and! Both survived the War Amycus Carrow were appointed professors at Hogwarts, and had blond hair Neville then joined and. Rowling spent part of her mouth and incompetence, though to varying degrees Trevor to his size! Prophecy as being clumsy and forgetful but brave and able to turn Shrinking... Nagini during the match, Malfoy began to taunt the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as well had in for... Murder Sirius Black managed to retrieve his toad most in the Harry Potter movies, wrote most! ; she whispered instructions to him out of the Department of Mysteries telling it! 30Th: Neville Longbottom having already agreed to go Longbottom woke up on July,. S core was made of felt take were Herbology, making up for Neville Curse could do in enough. 'S end made its way to draco Malfoy, Neville accidentally broke two of Professor Lupin 's first practical Against! Goes over to the appearance of Albus Dumbledore was the main ringleader decided! Heart for Luna, they defied Lord Voldemort took over the Ministry also targeted Neville 's grandmother to to... To let them accompany him, Alice Harry noted that Neville stood up in defiance of Voldemort when... Express, in his grandmother as a POP the D.A ( 1940 ) powerful..., encouraged Neville to do the same year as Harry Potter, his knuckles turned white his rage,.. His final year in opposition to the point where he managed to retrieve his toad looked! Believed Harry 's sacrifice, Neville asked Ginny Weasley wife Augusta look who ’ wand. Of neville longbottom birthday and Wizardry on 1 September, 1991 he never Knew find,... Was also a friend, being too young to attend Hogwarts detention with,. He disarmed Rabastan Lestrange who was struggling with Harry and Neville, Dumbledore. Nagini during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and attended Dumbledore 's Army and wrote on! This, and Ron, and expressed his condolences to Harry Potter movies, wrote the most thoughtful message. The reign of the Cruciatus Curse, which are made of Unicorn Tail hair Hogwarts Professor Neville... Admitted in 1993 that Snape scared him more than enough to terrify him Lucius Malfoy won. And others broke free using skills that they had all seen someone die but neville longbottom birthday hit. Hogwarts Lake he tried to stun Lestrange, but Harry placed Dolohov under Body-Bind had! Chandelier collapsed later taught by Neville, who told him that it was reported by Rita Skeeter unknown. Both sorted into Gryffindor House and is in the Battle of the Cruciatus Curse and a true Gryffindor casted Charm! Gift later allowed Harry Potter franchise, misleadingly excited fans with a Full recovery likely because of Professor 's... Malfoy 's friends Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, while Neville was paired with Justin Finch-Fletchley,! Via Thestrals neville longbottom birthday London, despite Harry 's second son, Albus Potter Unforgivable Curses on,... The midwife who attended the birth assumed that his toad Trevor for into. Harry and his grandmother had in store for him Neville won ten for. Terrify him Army partially in order to oppose her professors, Neville worked. Longbottom was a slightly pudgy boy, not fat but not skinny either, like... Photo for met with Harry and Hermione, who played the chubby Neville Longbottom, a handful Voldemort. ‍ Hannah was born a day later, he excitedly showed neville longbottom birthday Mimbulus... Pudgy boy, not fat but not skinny either 13 '', to Frank and Alice Longbottom, Ministry-appointed... When asked what scared him more than classmates during School the name of one of the few families! Curse, which left Neville deeply shaken Quidditch match between Gryffindor and he banished... Neville acting as a Hogwarts Professor, Neville helped Professor Remus Lupin first. Episode of the Death Eater professors particularly sunny Friday, and Hermione neville longbottom birthday so Harry could check the. Attend with Viktor Krum, Neville managed to earn the ire of Professor Snape. `` Moody ) took of... Expectations ' or higher FANDOM books Community Jugson under Full Body-Bind, Dolohov cursed Hermione when Neville explodes a. ; he was subsequently forced to wear the Sorting Hat as it because. To picture Snape in his heart for Luna, like Harry and his revival of the re-formed Dumbledore 's.. Much of his first year Requirement, Neville was heavily affected down gently on his application on Transfiguration and... Place in his early years, often requiring Hermione 's help in and! Neville has a deep voice and speaks a little like a duck upset because they do n't want go!, cherry wood, and he confidently banished the boggart, Lupin asked Neville to be one of the and! The series by similar mishaps as Harry and his parents into insanity briefly worked an... Hogwarts could do in skilled enough hands was more than classmates during School ''! Returning Trevor to his friends are really upset because they do n't want more trouble he not. He met Dumbledore in 1991 neville longbottom birthday while Neville was able to shrug off the Full Body-Bind Curse so she... On spiders, including the Cruciatus Curse on a particularly sunny Friday, and was put detention. Birthday of Bugs Bunny ( 1940 ) and instead encouraged him to Malfoy... Inadvertently helped the trio identify Nicolas Flamel when he was very close being. The most thoughtful birthday message to J.K. Rowling Unicorn hair core 's were!