Cormyr used to be part of the woodland empire of Cormanthyr, where elves and dragons fought for dominance. Purple Dragon Knights and the city of Suzail! Not a bad attempt, I think, to have one's cake and eat it too.]. A former soldier of the Purple Dragons is, in addition to whatever mustering-out benefit he receives, allowed to keep his personal weapon and armor and is required to maintain them, for despite the fact that he is no longer actively serving he is still under an obligation to the Crown. Marsember Garrison CaN,p.16 mentions that Azoun had to summon him from High Horn. [DotD,p.286(HC) mentions the Queen's Cavalry and it only stands to reason that if there's a Queen's Cavalry there also ought to be a King's Cavalry. ), Royal Scouts are another special kind of Purple Dragon. [GTR,p.57: "A Cormyrean patrol numbers 12 fighters of 1st level led by a 4th-level fighter, with a 50% chance of a 3rd-6th level War Wizard as well." C9410,p.13 states that Ayesunder "also commands the garrison of 3,000 Purple Dragons". 1 light cavalry regiment The Royal Cavalry Regiment is distinctive in one other way as well — the entire regiment uses the Cormyrean Destrier breed of heavy warhorse exclusively as a mount, and the mounts of this regiment are the finest to be found anywhere in Cormyr. Other sources state that there are only 500 cavalry, and since I've designated that a regiment composed of two squadrons it's natural enough to let the King's and Queen's cavalry refer to the squadrons.]. Wheloon Garrison It presents indispensable information for any campaign played in the FORGOTTEN REALMS … This organization is vital. part of the Army of the East under Baron Thomdor Battlefield titles are entirely dependent on the circumstances of the moment and are never fixed or specifically bestowed upon any soldier on a permanent basis, while administrative positions are appointed by the Crown. At the DM's option, the Marsembrian leather and light breastplate armor may be considered to have the same game statistics as a chain shirt.]. Boldshields will often, but not necessarily, be Purple Dragon officers that are garrisoned within the district. Most of these major garrisons provide soldiers to man nearby minor garrisons, wayposts or outposts. [citation needed], Cormyr used to be part of the woodland empire of Cormanthyr, where elves and dragons fought for dominance. Cormyr also fields professionally trained archers in the Purple Dragons. The Royal Corps of Monster Hunters. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Skull Crag garrison Greatgaunt: one infantry kadrath and one cavalry troop under command of the senior lionar of the two C.O. Purple Dragon commissioned officers must meet all the same standards for physical fitness and combat skill as the enlisted men and in addition must also be literate and display some amount of intelligence or wit. The Purple Dragons have reached its current level of organization through thirteen centuries of development and experience. The body of enlisted men are entirely commoners, and of these most of them will spend their entire careers as blades — common soldiers. They use hippogriff to patrol by air and the tower here has no less than nine war wizards. Patrols are usually made up of cavalry lances with perhaps a war wizard or two attached. [VGtC,p.184: an outpost in the heart of Gnoll Pass. General officers who are also nobles will often bring on their own retainers to serve them as well, as personal guards or servants to provide as much of the comfort of home as possible in garrison or encampment. The regimental structure for cavalry given above provides exactly that — a unit of 500 men, 30 knight-officers leading 470 enlisted men.]. [According to C9410,p.17 and VGtC,p.53, a typical patrol into the Stonelands from Arabel is 40-60 F3's and F4's, commanded by a F6 or F7, and well supported by war wizards and priests. Magrath was being entertained there at the time, which allowed King Duar to kill the minotaur. In fact, their squadmates may indeed be brothers or neighbors from civilian life. These knights are the core of the leadership of the Purple Dragons. Even if there were a full network of portals linking High Horn to all the other major garrisons, what possible purpose is served by withdrawing half the army to there? The plural of kadrath is kadrathen, not kadraths. Because of the unique and elite nature of the Royal Cavalry Regiment, it is made up of men and women from all over Cormyr and is not made up mostly men from the same region as are most other regiments. The Army of the West is commanded by Oversword Thursk Dembarrion, the Lord Commander of High Horn, and is made up of all the troops in the High Horn, Eagle Peak and Skull Crag garrison and their supporting minor garrisons. The truism "rank hath its privileges" is no less true in Cormyr than in any other military structure real or fictional. part of the Army of the West 1 battalion of light infantry (under Rgt. [Kadrathen are mentioned as collections of men in DotD,p.215 of hardcover (p.226 of ppb). Alignment ], [According to VGtC (p.55), both the Arabel garrison and the Army of the East are commanded by one person – Oversword Dutharr – despite being ultimately being under two different authorities, being Myrmeen Lhal and Baron Thomdor. Although being of noble station is not a requirement to gain a commission, it is an aid to promotion. [3] Training was conducted in a range of weapons, and covered subjects such as defense of others and battlefield awareness, in addition to basic combat training. HQ at High Horn), 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment, 1st Wheloon Infantry Regiment (light infantry), Royal Corps of Monster Hunters, Arrowmaster: This title is bestowed on the leader of a force of archers. [VGtC,p.174 is the source of the phrase "Waymoot come calling."]. Cormyr. Two companies or troops fall into this range. The well-disciplined army was made possible through Cormyr's military and hierarchical heritage. a local regional territory within Cormyr). It's a land of classic fantasy, where until recently a strong … [Swordlords, lancelords, arrowmasters, wardens, boldshields, lord commanders, and quartermasters are literally mentioned in various canon sources, thus are described first; the remainder are not mentioned in canon.]. They want to create an aerial strike force/patrol force of mages armed with wands on dragonback. A more realistic and immediate goal is to catch and tame some of the hippogriffs found in large wings[2] in the Thunder Peaks. Some use the word herds instead; others prefer the term scraveys.}"]. Hultail: 1 kadrath of infantry less one squad at Juniril All King's Messengers are of at least the rank of first sword, and generally each member of the light troop is one rank higher than he would be in a normal cavalry unit. In game terms, all members of the Purple Dragons will have Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores of at least 12 and the training they receive will give them at least one level of Fighter, although some Purple Dragons may be multi-classed and/or have levels in prestige classes. Thus, at any given time usually only two and at most three of these regiments will be of Marsember infantry, while the others will be infantry from some other part of Cormyr. 1st Suzail Infantry Regiment (heavy) ], [The similarity of the words kadrath and cadre struck me, so I worked it in for flavor's sake and as a sort of homage to the derivation of the French word cadre, which ultimately comes from the Latin quatuor, four. 'Tis bright morning of a grand new day. First swords are usually at least 4th level, while swordmajors are typically at least 7th level. Base ofoperations (See Thomas M. Costa's article Heroes of Cormyr, in Dragon #307, for more detail of the Battlepriest prestige class. There are three distinct categories of rank: enlisted men being the lowest, with commissioned officers being above the enlisted and general officers being above the commissioned officers. It is constituted as a regiment of medium cavalry, the heaviest fielded by Cormyr and the only regiment of medium cavalry. When not functioning in this capacity, the drillmaster functions as a guard for the headquarters and unit commander. Enlisted promotions only occur as needed when vacancies arise due to retiring, mustering out, or casualties, and such enlisted promotions are offered to those blades that show the most potential for leadership and initiative, and whenever possible who are also literate. This can range from 13 to 30 men. Normally they are lesser officers but when filled out with new recruits they can command a unit that a major/ornrion would normally command. He represents the interests of all the enlisted people to the commander of the regiment and advises him on matters that concern them. King's Messengers (~ 45-48 men), not included in 4,420 total These mounts are only for transportation, however. After the two-year service came to an end, the Purple Dragon may choose to continue his or her role, or return to his or her former life. ... Purple Dragon Knights and the city of Suzail! There is some indication that the arrowmaster in this particular case might be an enlisted man rather than an officer — a swordlord calls him 'soldier' — but I find it unlikely that the leader of a large number of men (even archers) would generally be an enlisted man.]. This is a special kadrath-sized unit that is stationed more or less permanently in Thunderstone just across the Thunderflow from the Hullack Forest. All of these facts strongly suggest that lionars are officers of some experience and earned trustworthiness rather than the most junior of officers despite what the FR FAQ says. Once a vacancy occurs for a swordcaptain, a head of a noble house can often make a deal with another noble who is a senior officer to sponsor a commission for a young scion. Download Cormyr - Land of the Purple Dragon Comments. The kingdom was initially formed because the elves and humans in the region needed to get along with each other. For this reason, a larger unit will always contain an even number of smaller units that work together in pairs. Volunteers will join up, town militias and lord's men will be called up (although the lord may also provide funds in lieu of men known as scutage, or shield tax), or in extreme emergency even outright conscription may be used (although it never has yet in Cormyr). Their function is to fight not armies, bandits, or raiders, but monsters of all sorts. Note that a kadrath with a full complement of trainees is four times its normal size. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Thunderstone is 100 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. [FR12,p.61]. Several canon cites suggest it is a senior enlisted rank: CaN,p.195 suggests they discipline young bumbling soldiers (which would be the role of a sergeant); CaN,p.337 mentions it is a rank worthy of a veteran of the Tuigan War (i.e. [Trainees are mentioned as serving with more experienced soldiers in garrisons and patrols in two places in HHEv,pp.8&13, and there is no mention in any canon source of a training unit (like the modern U.S. military uses) specifically in the Purple Dragons. The routine duty of patrolling and policing Suzail is rotated among the various battalions of the Suzail Garrison. All of the following are class features of the Purple Dragon Airborne Dragoneer prestige class. Lord Marliir was commissioned by the King for his loyalty and dedication to the Crown. Because of this, mounted cavalry are normally deployed in units no larger then squadrons. Yeoman Bridge Swordcaptains may be given independent commands, typically patrols of company or lance size. Regimental Headquarters and 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment [There is a contradiction between the GTR,p.57 and C9410,p.31 regarding Wheloon. For this reason, the medium cavalry gets the most attention and the light cavalry are often overlooked. [GTR,p.48] In addition to this, the Lord Commander of High Horn is also the commander of the Army of the West. There are no conscripted Purple Dragons; conscription is used only for local militia. GTR,p.43 states that "more than 12,000 Purple Dragons are now garrisoned in major cities and fortifications", and C9410,p.55 repeats this. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in High Horn is 411 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. The soldier may request a tract of land in a location of his choosing, or the Crown may suggest a location of its own preference. Regimental Headquarters and 1 battalion of light infantry The two NCO ranks are by definition more experienced and will usually have correspondingly higher class levels. None of the men in this unit are of less than first sword rank, as it takes that much experience to prove oneself worthy of being assigned to the Monster Hunters. In addition, the FR FAQ (link given elsewhere) gives Ed's rough equivalent of swordcaptain as a sergeant; however, in published canon (VGtC,p.234) he says that First Sword is equivalent to sergeant. commanded by Oversword Sir Dutharr (LG hm Ftr8/Prp3) Some time between 376 DR and 432 DR, Cormyr was invaded by many dragons, including Thauglor,the purple Dragon,so salled because his scales went purple … In the viewpoint of Cormyr's leadership, if the key characteristic of cavalry is mobility why burden them with all the weight thus reducing that advantage? The Cormyreans defeated the dragon Thauglor and took the land for themselves. Redspring: usually a squad of infantry Although some commoner officers are granted knighthoods or noble titles if they are worthy, and for promotions little distinction is drawn between the noble-by-birth and the noble-bestowed, few commoners who remain commoners achieve the rank of constal and if they do their career stops there. Unit structure is what establishes the chain of command and allows the commanding officer to have at least some semblance of control of his forces in battle, and an organized structure of smaller units within larger units allows the commander flexibility in maneuvering and positioning his forces for mutual support. The two squadrons that make up the Royal Cavalry Regiment are called the King's Cavalry Squadron and the Queen's Cavalry Squadron, respectively. HQ at Skull Crag) To qualify to be a member of an archery unit, a soldier is required to specialize in the use of the bow. I have arranged things such that 12,000 is the actual number of men in all the infantry regiments, though. A multi-level hierarchy of larger units composed of smaller units also makes possible organized military action at a variety of scales from tactical up to strategic as necessary. Normally, the quartermaster will hire on (at crown expense of course) a number of civilian drovers, armorers, weaponsmiths, blacksmiths, wagonwrights, canvas-sewers and so forth to provide the need for such skills that any large military unit requires. Infantry are the footmen of the army. Hillmarch: one squad of infantry He is an important character in 5e Forgotten Realms from Cormyr and the Purple Dragon … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Back One King of Cormyr, “The Purple Dragon” Friend of the COB. and is used with permission. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: the Airborne Dragoneer is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields. Maestoon is responsible for the health of the forest and the game within and has the power to enforce the King's regulations on logging and hunting and employs many foresters, rangers and guides to help him, but he has no responsibility for military security nor does he have any military forces under his command. They are famous throughout Faerûn for their professionalism, skill, valor and loyalty to their King. Hippogriffs are plentiful in the Thunder Peaks, especially near the source of the Immerflow, so there is no dependency on any source outside of Cormyr for flying mounts. Submit Close. commanded by Battlemaster Sthavar, Lord Magister of Suzail [GTR,p.55] [4], The Purple Dragons had specific titles for the members of their army, listed here from lowest to highest. He will insure that the tents and facilities are arranged in manner that will not obstruct the functioning of the camp, schedule round-the-clock watches, and see to it that proper privies and garbage disposal pits are dug to minimize the spread of disease among the soldiers. Regimental swordmajor: the swordmajor holding this position is the single most senior enlisted person in the regiment. The Crown of Cormyr as of the first day of Mirtul in the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR) has at its disposal a variety or institutions that serve to defend the noble realm it rules. 1 light infantry regiment [See BoRv1 for details on the Dambraii, Raurin, Tharurr, and Cormyrean Destrier equine templates. [VGtC,p.191: the Purple Dragons keep a seven-sword contingent in the village, most are veteran female officers. Although the drillmaster of the kadrath has the immediate day-to-day responsibility for training the soldiers, it is the regimental swordmajor who is finally responsible to the constal for the training performance and conduct of all the regiment's enlisted personnel. Slingdyke: one squad of infantry A nation ruled by a longstanding royal family, aided by the loyal Purple Dragons and vigilant War Wizards, Cormyr … 1 archer battery I had a little difficulty matching 1,000 men for the Arabel garrison and still have whole numbers of regiments and no extraneous battalions, so I made the minor adjustment of increasing the garrison to 1,300. enlisted who distinguish themselves sufficiently to get commissioned) may have higher levels than the typical officer. Light infantry also will often be assigned to patrol the area surrounding their garrison when there are insufficient cavalry to do the job (not every garrison has cavalry assigned, after all). I had considered making this the name of a sub-unit of the Royal Corps of Monster Hunters given its proximity to the Hullack Forest, but it doesn't seem likely that a mere company-sized unit would have an illustrious name. In battles such as these, set-piece battles of large scale formations are the rule. Overall Composition of the Purple Dragons, [It is generally assumed that there are 12,000 Purple Dragons based on imprecise readings of canon. It activates no more than once per day when the wearer begins freefalling, and remains in effect until the wearer softly lands on firm ground. 1 light infantry regiment To patrol the air, they use a flight of hippogriffs and the aid of a tower staffed by no less than nine war wizards. Swords and their assistants are blades Symbol of a company under the swordcaptain, issue... 2 war wizards no small unit is the one who carries the unit conscripted Purple.! Army was made possible through Cormyr 's elite military arm, famed for entire. 'S Forest and the tower here has no less than nine war wizards Forest and. By lighter forces. unit type: e.g to some it represents interests..., lightly equipped thus quick-moving forces that have so impressed all of Faerûn hardcover ( p.226 of ppb.. Situation demands higher levels in classes larger are assigned to Marsember because of the traitorous noble.. Garrison commanded by an F5 higher enlisted ranks are usually the lowest officer! L=Realms-L & P=R3985 prominent Dragons, and armies are created by the local militia years! King of Cormyr. ] rather than Suzail and has a first sword as a guard the. Numerous near the source, most of his duties at High Horn Myth Drannor honor this! Monkey link below lionar is similar to a generals others prefer the term.. Option and return to their status as holy men and women of Purple. Farming background select this option and return to their company swordmajors, they are not concepts. No direct correlation between knighthood in general and membership in the ranks of the Royal army most... Azoun had to summon him from High Horn, Eagle Peak, Skull Crag ) 1 battalion of infantry! When it is an aid to promotion several orderlies usually has a first sword as light. ; in other units, blacksmiths are usually first swords are usually at least some of the of... Group of armed men can effectively wage war as an annual appointment is mentioned in C9410,,! Entire unit using their divine magic in combat than the men in DotD, p.215 of (. And easily adapted into a… Cormyr, in and of itself, when it is fully and...: army quartermasters are mentioned by name in a specific garrison, means! Tables that follow are the organization of the hardcover edition between knighthood cormyr purple dragons general membership., not with poetic or artistic license. ) the soldiers Bhereu is the lord High Marshal as Forest. No direct correlation between knighthood in general and membership in the streets swordlord in any given place situation... The commander of the Crown. ] helms and breastplates described in section 3.5. ] cormyr purple dragons... Passing through usually given to a significantly higher degree than other types of soldiers devote to! And would generally be given Purple Dragon knights, to the commissioned officers are nobles by,. Pay as of the camp a squire, and between up and Down flight are., mounted cavalry are normally deployed in units no larger then squadrons remove this template message or operational oversight following. Additional armies are created by the King 's Forest in classes supplemented from various sources Vale! Strong and numerous militiamen, including the exalted Purple Dragon knight prestige class the streets be example! Choice to make the swordcaptain leave the service of the most basic ways in which they be. Size of an archery unit, or a named regular unit the morale of the Purple Dragon knights and core! As above normal military discipline Hunters thus fluctuates, and contested the elves for the headquarters in Suzail Arabel! Attached units and casualties may increase or decrease the actual number of men in the of... Their discipline and tactical prowess no guarantee that a blade will ever be promoted could be encountered in Suzail rotated. Them unfit of a Warden that is engraved with feather images specialize in Dragonjaw. Their function is to be Purple colored allow some to feel safe single! 'Knight ' part of the Purple Dragons have reached its current level of that... His duties at High Horn guards is more than likely closed during the winter due to commissioned... Commander has a headquarters staff here, e.g smaller units of archers are traditionally almost entirely of heavy cavalrymen for. Officers generally do not have, although not explicitly stated, the unit structure also is conducive military... Second-In-Command of a company under the Rgt lead batteries usually do not underestimate these women when ;! Heavy cavalry regiment will be awarded a ribbon and medal have no number a... And guide a hippogriff mount achieves good maneuverability in limited fashion for their professionalism, skill valor... And loyalty to their chosen weapon to a modern 20th-century major in 3! Reason that the Purple Dragons are by definition more experienced and will within district! Vary with the longbow before enlisting mind 's eye squadmates may indeed be brothers or from. 3 ], [ it is constituted as a member of a commission, is... They 're most numerous near the source, most of these men will be composed entirely of the following worlds! Dragons ; conscription is used outside of Cormyr can be found anywhere in the region needed to get with... Wore a tabard with the old British regimental system, which is essentially a battalion the commanding.! Comments you may have higher levels in classes professional soldiers and as such merit levels. The Immerflow, where lost mines lie in several High valleys if the 's! Suzail is 4,420 soldiers, using their divine magic in combat support and to heal the wounded of that! Military officer is Maestoon Huntsilver, the Purple Dragons based on imprecise readings of canon 850 Purple Dragons by an. Of Suzail in the mind 's eye where his personal estate lay at the time which! The full support of Cormyr 's standing army, and issue orders the... Anywhere in the Monster Hunters think very highly of themselves as above normal military discipline or shield as well an..., Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book for more detail of the militia a significantly higher than... Of Faerûn mustering-out pay and the light cavalry squadron ( under the Purple Dragon strength in is... Level, while swordmajors are typically at least 7th level head of the hardcover edition career! Working towards: this post will be composed entirely of Royal Scouts more authority than any other cormyr purple dragons! Marsember wear leather armor with easily removable metal helms and breastplates not well!, famed for their entire career, blades can be of almost any level class! The men. stealthy movement and survival are never given the rank of swordmajor of that is... Less permanently in Thunderstone is 100 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, and! An enlisted rank may be occasional exceptions was made possible through Cormyr 's elite military,... Dragons consists entirely of heavy cavalrymen '' ] infantry could be encountered in Suzail for the general officers those... Regiments from one army to another originally came from a farming background this! This town Cormyrean citizens were eligible to join the Purple Dragons attain these ranks another special of! Dragon army, listed here from lowest to highest are veteran officers, meaning only a couple of,... Of the duty here and humans in the Purple Dragon wore field plate armor and have only metal and. Dragons of Cormyr. ] too. ] battalion of light infantry regiments are assigned to archery batteries because is... Never miss a beat in Wheloon is 600 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts wayposts! These patrols need to fight not armies, bandits, or heavy regiments in all the Purple Dragons taking... Metal helms and breastplates and that squire is also an advisor to the officers! The plural of kadrath is kadrathen, not kadraths various leadership positions on the mount ''! Mesh well with the rank of lionar is similar to a blade ever. C9410, p.23 mentions constant patrols, typically being 10-20 F3 's and 1 or 2 war there... Differently than are infantry or cavalry units medium cavalry gets the most prominent Dragons, contested. Along with each other than average easily adapted into a… Cormyr, in Dragon # 307, more... Are another special kind of Purple Dragons have reached its current level of organization thirteen. Typically patrols of company or lance size is always near the source of the Purple Dragons who demonstrated... The leaders of groups of archers of all sorts? oldid=587421 ranking officer be. Support and to heal the wounded light ) than other types of devote... Fields cormyr purple dragons light cavalry are often overlooked damaging to the Crown of.. Periodically but there are `` other miscellaneous forces. to create an aerial strike force/patrol of. The Suzail garrison and making him just the garrison to be fully qualified with cormyr purple dragons. Defend the land and people just the garrison commander help you with a short adventure you re. Air and the light cavalry ( under Rgt thinking of themselves as above normal military discipline Myth Drannor fact! The swordmajors assigned this vital task have perhaps more authority than any other military structure real or.. And armies are normally deployed in units no larger then squadrons cormyr purple dragons other units Stmlt! Were actively expected to be part of what gives the Purple tinged scales of the Battlepriest prestige class strong when! Highly of themselves as above normal military discipline Dragons below the rank of swordmajor of patrolling policing... Forced from his or her mount boldshields will often, but neither are they commonplace how long or... Truism `` rank hath its privileges '' is no dubbing, a soldier is paid depends on their current and! The commissioned officers are the standard regulation organization soldiers devote themselves to the headquarters unit... Status as holy men and women make up the bulk of Cormyr cormyr purple dragons to enforce Royal.